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YoungZero0 brings us an update to his Joker reskin of over a month ago. Not only does this include a v2 of the original skin, but also a skin recreating a version of the Joker makeup from an early design stage for The Dark Knight, and eventually in the film. These skins replace the first and second Hispanic heads.

To start with the updated skin, it seems actually a little worse than the previous version. :( The make-up has been plastered more thickly over the face, and the 'smile' made very bright, creating an effect which doesn't look terribly like the Heath Ledger's face in the film, I'm sorry to say. Further, I don't remember his hair being green. O.o

One thing which is a definite improvement however is the more... smiley 'smile'. There's a greater impression of scarring under the smile, as well, which is also an improvement on the previous version.

And now, to the other skin. Since the reference image is so small, it's a little hard to tell with this one. However, from what can be seen, it looks pretty good. One criticism might be that the scarring along the 'smile' in this version, although more pronounced, is not really as severe as in the reference image, and the skull-like element to the eyes has not really been highlighted as much as it could have been.

It might also be nice if the author could make the head skins unique for future versions. However, overall these are some good skins, and if you liked The Dark Knight, and more specifically the Joker in it, then these should be your thing. :)

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

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The Joker for Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic 2: The Sith Lords v 2.0

Finally i had the chance to see The Dark Knight in the theaters. What can i say? It´s freaking awesome! One of the best movies i have ever seen and without a doubt one of Chris Nolans best films.

Anyway, since not many of you had been happy with my first Joker release, i read the feedback and in the end build a new joker from the ground up. Most of you disliked the fact that the hair was not green enough and the smile ... well not smiley enough. Fixed that.

But that´s not all. A few weeks ago i had the chance to read "The Dark Knight Featuring Production Art and bla bla". The most interesting thing for me were the pictures of the early joker design. Incredible! He looks so scary and although i love the original i also liked this one.

Since we had no chance to see this (even more) disturbing version of the Joker in the theaters and i worked on Joker 2.0 i thought, why not? So i decided that this package would bring not one but 2 different versions of the Joker. The original and the early concept. Both version use different head-models so you don´t have to decide which one you prefer more.


Extract all the files except the Read-Me you are now reading and the screenshots to your Override Folder which can be found inside your TSL Main Folder.

1.) PMHH01.tga
2.) PMHH01d1.tga
3.) PMHH01d2.tga
4.) PMHH02.tga
5.) PMHH02d1.tga
6.) PMHH02d2.tga
7.) PO_PMHH01.tga
8.) PO_PMHH01d1.tga
9.) PO_PMHH01d2.tga
10.) PO_PMHH02.tga
11.) PO_PMHH02d1.tga
12.) PO_PMHH02d2.tga

Also included are 4 screenshots from which one of them shows the early joker concept i was talking about.

If you want to edit it and stuff i demand (! >:3) to be mentioned and it would be nice if you could contact me before or after you plan to release it, since i´m very interested to see what you people would do with it.

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