Korriban High-Res Retextures



As I was talked about the other day when I was reviewing Angelus6’s High Resolution Textures for Dantooine that it was one of the two planets you get to see in both Knights of the Old Republic games, Korriban was the other one and it just so happens that Angelus6 is now releasing new textures for this planet as well for the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

This one is good, but it just makes it inconsistent with the first Knights of the Old Republic game. You could get away with it when doing Dantooine because the planet clearly shows seasonal changes with the grass and trees, but with Korriban, the surface will be the same because it’s a desert planet and you will notice that the textures are the same in both games, but in TSL; you will see more of an abandoned look to it as it should. In this case, this is when doing the exact same thing for the first KOTOR game would come in handy for consistency of the planet and Sith Academy textures.

The author’s screenshots each have four screenshots merged into one, so it’s really hard to get a really good look at what he’s done. With mods like this, it’s always best to get as much in a screenshot’s view as possible. You can still notice specific changes if you have played the game enough, but a lot of the view is cropped off and small because of the picture merging. Overall, it looks nice and maybe something I would consider using if there was a K1 version of the mod. Enjoy the new module skins! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Korriban Retexture - v1.1    (aka. Angelus6 Texpack 3)

- Description -

This is my third texture pack for Kotor2. a Full Retexture for Korriban.
yup, you heard me. FULL RETEXTURE.
Look at the Screenies. this is NOT a lame retexture like so many others ^^

most textures are from either stock photo's with an open liscence or personal photo's by myself
photoshopped to be symetrical and therefor mesh nicely.
Some are re-colored original textures but all have had their size and quality increased to 512x512
the Korriban sky was going to be a photograph but after 4 hours of failing to line up the Skybox properly
i've given that idea up for now. to be completed at a later date. instead the sky is just a recolor with 
some landscape edits.
if you wish to see the screene of what the sky "would" have looked like, its here 


http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/5144/korriskyiwishhv4.jpg       -- better Link FTW!

- Installation - 

Throw all files in this .rar nto you Kotor2/Override directory
as always simple as eating cherry pie ^^
The pack size is about 43mb unpacked. so waych your disc space since if your running my other 2 Tex packs
your looking at 200mb+. only a problem if yours is an older system of course.

- Credits -

Myself (angelus6), LucasArts, Obsidion, Holowan labs, and all the usual suspects :)

- Permisions -
Use it however you'd like ^^ just drop me a line if you do, as always

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