KOTOR Script Editor V.1.0.4 Beta

This program allows you to edit scripts with a easy to use, GUI interface. Basically, you have a main area where you work on your scripts to...


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This program allows you to edit scripts with a easy to use, GUI interface. Basically, you have a main area where you work on your scripts to make a mod, and on the right there's buttons that allow you to drag and drop scripting functions into your script. Pretty to use, the only drawback is that you need scripting knowledge before hand as you have to enter the values in your script notepad-style. Another problem is that there's no way to simply start a new script, so the only way you can build them from scratch is by making a .nss file before hand. So that's not a very big problem, though guaranteed to get irratating after awhile. I'm not quite sure how effecient this is since I'm not a good scripter, though it seems this could be very useful for syntax checking. So if you do any heavy scripting, I'd recommend checking this out and at least trying it abit.


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Download 'kscriptreleaev104b.zip' (7.94MB)

KOTOR Script Editor V.1.0.3 Beta

Author: LoneFerret
Date: November 25, 2005
Copyright: GPL (read gpl.txt for explanations)

This should be the last application update. I won't be adding any new features for a while.
All I can add right now are bells and whistles, and I won't do that. Eye candy is not a worth
an update. On the otherhand, if someone has any suggestions for features/or adjusting
and existing one, just drop me an e-mail.
I will continue updating the keywords file and database. So unless otherwise mentionned, all you'll need
to do is copy the files in their respective folders.

I'm working on another version of this applicaiton using different techniques, as to make the application
faster and more enjoyable to use. Since I'm more comfortable using other languages, I'll pick one of those
instead for this newer version.

Before installing this, please uninstall any previous version, delete any remaining files in the install folder.

- Unzip file
- Run setup.exe, follow instructions

- Control Panel
- Add/Remove programs
- Select Kotor Script Editor

Files in this zip file:

About this:

Well, I wanted a script editor with color. So I found a class that let me do it. Made in C# (my first attempt at this language), it's a glorified notepad, but for now it will have to do. 
I've added as many keywords as I could like "void" "OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE" and others. 
I haven't finished yet but there's a lot done. But I got a few hundred words in.
Pretty soon I'll be adding more colors for different keywords.

*UPDATE November 26, 2005:

Patched an issue with the compiling of the script. It kept compiling the last script loaded instead of the one you are currently working on. Because of this, I had to deep-six the output textbox function for now. But the compile information will be displayed in the CMD window.
Started managing errors, but nothing fancy for now. :)

List item box:
This is a list of all the items I've added so far (item codes from the game). You can scroll down the list and "click and drag" the item and insert it in your script (beats typing it). It's a big list, which will keep growing, and it may overwhelm, but I'll sort it out by item type soon.

File name box:
Current file name will be shown. If you are starting a new script, this will be left blank. By default there's nothing written here. If you type a new file name here and you compile it without saving before, this will be your script's name.

Adding more key words and colors.

**UPDATE December 1, 2005:

Weapons button:
Will display in the list box all weapons added so far. Think I got most of the Kotor2 weapons, but not to sure.

Items button:
Will display all items from the list.

Will display in the list box all armor and clothing added so far. Think I got most of the Kotor2 all armor and clothing, but not to sure.

All items:
Will display everything except characters.

All characters:
Will display all of the Kotor2 (I hope) in the list box.

Custom Button:
Will display items, characters, armor, weapons; chosen by the user. Think of it as a most frequently used item list. Create this list from the Edit->Custom List.

Custom List menu item:
Choose from all weapons, items, armors and characters. This creates a text file, and can be displayed in the main window as your custom item list using the Custom button.
NOTE: Once you’ve created a list, it cannot be altered (yet). You can either create a new one and start over, or user Notepad to add new items. ****** see December 3, 2005 update ******

Compile menu:
Compile for Kotor 1 or 2. I know that the compile works for KOTOR 2, not 100% sure for KOTOR 1. But it’s there.

***UPDATE December 3, 2005

The custom item list is now in a database (ms access 2003 if you want to play around in it), so now you don’t have to create a new list from scratch when adding a new item.

Certain functions will now display a tool tip when typing. These are also saved in a database file, so you can alter it if you want.

Hopefully, using a database will improve in upgrading this little application.

A web browser was added to the main form. When a function highlights, and is in the list containing a tool tip, the appropriate web page for www.nwnlexicon.com is displayed. This window can be hidden from the view menu item. Even hidden, the web browser will always display the last function typed (as long as it’s in the database of words).

A search field was also added. Type a word and press the “go” button. The query is sent to the nwnlexicon search page, and will be displayed in the browser. The browser will be enabled automatically. For now it only handles single word search. (Multiple words coming eventually)

More keywords added.

****UPDATE December 4, 2005

A list box was added showing the functions currently stored in the database. You can also drag and drop theses words directly in the editor.

Removed the decompile item from menu.

Added another button to display cheat codes.

Again, more keywords added.

Important AND READ THE README.rtf:

You can open and save NSS files no problem. It will open them and save them where ever you want. What¡¦s important is if you want to compile your script make sure to save it the same folder as the editor, if not you will get errors and won¡¦t compile. Nwnnsscomp is the application folder. The compiled script will be saved in the "compiled" folder located in the main application install directory.

Also, just to make sure, copy your scripts in the application folder and keep your original copy where they are. Once you open a script file in this editor, it will not screw it up for any other editor (i.e. notepad). I haven¡¦t got around to fixing that yet. Don't work on your original, just make a copy.

Another thing, if you plan on editing nwscript.nss, well since a big file and the application goes through every word to highlight them accordingly; it may slow down the editing process. It will work, but it's slow. 

Thanks to:
- I'd like to thank tk102 for the tutorials on scripting.
- Darkkender for his NSSEditor and replies
- RedHawke for scripting tutorials
- And everyone at Holowan Labs.

PLEASE leave feedback (good or bad), comments and/suggestions here:
[email protected]
If you think there's something missing, or there's something wrong somewhere let me know.
Or if in your opinion this is crap, tell my why so I can make changes.
It's the only way I'll be able to fix/change the problem quickly, or add/modify functions that will actually interest
Updates will be done often, unless I see it to be pointless and I quit this project all together


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