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Gabor89 brings us a reskin of Kreia. As you can see, her robe is now bright blue, her hair blonde, her eyes cyan and her face has been got at by the botox-doctors :p. The hair, eyes and face are apparently intended to make her look younger.

The overall effect is pretty overwhelming, and the combination of blonde hair and the bright blue robe is a little too garish, in my opinion, while the cyan eyes are just bizarre. Personally, I would have gone for a more faded, less brilliant shade of blue for her robe, and chosen to have the different layers shown in different shades, or perhaps tried to make the robe look a little different than the default game one. Nevertheless, the smoother face appears to work very well, and the contrast with Kreia's final appearances in the game is impressive, to say the least.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious



AUTHOR: Gábor89
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Kreia reskin
SIZE: 567 KB

Knights of the Old Republic II



I made a reskin for Kreia. I changed her robe"s color. and she is younger now.
Her hair is blond now, and I removed wrinkles on her face.
Unforunately I couldnt make her voice into younger :D It would be more good.

Install: Just drop files into your Override folder.

Unistall: Delete files from the Override folder.

BUGS: None



Kicsit megváltoztattam Kreia Skinét. Új színt kapott a köpenye, és valamivel fiatalabb.
A haja szőke lett, a ráncokat pedig eltüntettem.
Sajnos a hangját nem tudtam átkonvertálni fiatalabbra :D Úgy még jobb lett volna.

Telepítés: Másold a fájlokat az Override könyvtárba.

Törlés: Töröld a fájlokat az Override könyvtárból.

BUG: NIncs

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