Kreia's Reflection



This mod is not exactly as eye catching as the Return of the Jedi mod title, but the idea behind this mod is very similar to it for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords by Obiwan3001.

As many of you recall when you face off against Darth Traya, AKA Kreia in the final battle during Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, if you defeat her, you sever her right hand and she is defeated. Of course now she has no hands since she lost her left hand in a duel against Darth Sion. You think she has nothing left so you go for the kill, but then she is able to send three floating lightsabers into battle against you. Well, what if those weren’t floating lightsabers? That is what the author did in this mod.

The difference is you face off against Sith Lords. Well, two of them are for sure. The other one is someone who got corrupted by the dark side of the Force and didn’t totally realize it until Kreia revealed it to her.

So you get Darth Sion (24 STR, 26 DEX, 14 CON, 14 INT, 14 WIS, 14 CHA), Darth Nihilus (30 STR, 30 DEX, 14 CON, 14 INT, 14 WIS, 14 CHA), and Atris (20 STR, 22 DEX, 14 CON, 14 INT, 14 WIS, 14 CHA) to go up against in this final duel instead of the floating lightsabers. All of them have massive saving throws and no Force Powers so it is another strait up duel(s) again like the Return of the Jedi mod. No surprises about what lightsabers they use with Sion and Nihilus (single bladed red), but Atris uses a single bladed blue. I actually like this move and I have that in my personal game myself because she doesn’t think she fell to the dark side until the last minute and shortly you have a duel with her, so it would be like an Anakin Skywalker type of thing when you fall to the dark side, but don’t make your red blade until later. Enjoy the mod.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Author, Obiwan3001
Size 2kb
simple mod
THanks to,me and Darth cor
Comments simple it should change the floating sabers from the final fight with kreia into old friends
i dont want to say but the sithlords and a corrupt jedi master have a comeback to get ya
Bugs, not that i know of start a new game if it doesnt work

not support by bioware, or lucas arts use at your own risk

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