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I am happy to announce that author, HouseOfAmon bring us his 1.1 updated version of his lightsaber switch mod for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

What this mod does is have you be able to turn your lightsaber on and off on command. If you want your lightsaber to be on and stay on until you want it off, this mod will be perfect for you.

In this updated version of the mod, you can make the .uti file you need at the workbench so you don’t have to use KSE or the cheats to get it (for those you don’t like to do that). What you do is make one for your inventory. That’s all you need (it’s not equipable). If for some reason you want to be able to type in the cheat to get it, just type in...

giveitem saberswitch

Next, go to your toolbar at the bottom of your game play screen to the slot where your shield activator is. You have to make sure it says “Lightsaber Switch” in the slot before you can use it. Then either select it with your mouse, or hit the number 6 on your keyboard to turn your lightsaber on. As soon as your want to turn your lightsaber off, just repeat the steps I just mentioned. See the screenshot provide to see the visual on what you need to do.

The new features in this updated version is that it now works for your party members, not just your PC. Just select the person you want to have their lightsaber on and do the steps I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Also this version has an icon, a very big plus for this mod. I’m glad the author was able to get that figured out. :D

You know how you can hit the X button on your keyboard to flourish your lightsaber? That still works. If you do that while using this mod to have it on, it will eventually turn off.

When I tested this mod, sometimes having the lightsaber turn on will delay, or you may have to hit the activate button a couple of times or so to get it to respond, especially if you turn your lightsaber on and off really quick. There needs to be a delay in time for it to respond properly.

This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation since it does need to merge three different .2da files. This mod totally rocks. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




LightSaber On/Off Switch v1.1
Author: Smoke (a.k.a HouseOfAmon)


This mod allow's you to turn your lightsaber on & off at will..... It will remain on, till you switch it off...

Using In-game

1. The item can now be created at a workbench, you only need one of these in your inventory. 
       It's called Saber Switch... 

2. To use the item in-game, you don't have to equip it, you only have to select it in the quick key slot, 
      it shows up in the same slot as armbands. 

      I have included a screenshot that shows the mod being used, and shows the quick key slot,, 
     The slot is at the bottom left hand side of the picture..
Note:  To use the quick key slot you can either put your mouse on the icon, and use the mouse wheel
	   to scroll through the list, or you can hold the shift key, and press number 6 to scroll through...
	   (Not number pad 6, the other one) 

New In v1.1

1. The mod now works on all of the npc's who can use lightsabers, simply switch them to                                                            
    the party leader, and activate the switch.

2. The switch can be created at workbenchs...

3. Thanks to Stoffe -mkb-'s help, the mod now has an icon.. Thanks Stoffe.. :)
      Maverick187 helped me get the icon I wanted in-game... Thank you.. 

Updating/Installing v1.1

I have made the installer just overwrite old data, so there should be no problem if you
are updating to v1.1, just run the installer. If for some reason you still have the item
with no icon, just break it down at a workbench, and make a new one, and it should
be fine..

If you are a first time user, it should also install just fine.. :)

I was thought this might be a problem, but Stoffe helped me set up the patcher to handle
both cases... :)


This isn't necessary, if you don't want to use the mod anymore, just use a workbench
to break down the saber switch item.. 

Bug Section

Note: The use of the flourish command while the blade is on will cause the saber to deactivate as it normally would after you perform a flourish. After combat it will also power down. Area transitions will also cause this. 

Note: Sometimes the switch does not activate the saber, usually after any of the above occur, or when switching npc's to power their sabers. This is because there is no function that returns what state the saber is really in (On/Off).

The on/off switching is done by setting a global variable to 0 for off, and 1 for on. So if 
you turn it on, and one of the above conditions occurs, the variable is still set to 1 (On) 
even though its really turned off.. ;) So in this case you need to activate it again to set it 
to off, and once more to make it power the saber.. 

So if you hit the button, and nothing happens after about 1 second, hit it once more, and it will activate. Hitting the button over, and over rapidly makes it worse.

An annoying bug, but it would be more trouble than its worth to fix, at least at the moment.
Perhaps after I get better at scripting I will come up with a good fix.. ;) 


Holowan Labs 
I just wanted to thank all the moderators, and regulars that visit there for all their help, tutorials, and letting me post all my problems there. :) Thank you..

stoffe -mkb- 
Thank you, for all your help on the forum, for your excellent mods, and for all your tools.. 

Fred Tetra
I would like to thank you for your wonderfull little tool, Kotor Tool, it really has made us modders job a lot easier..

I also want to thank Maverick for helping figure out how to use the exact icon I wanted..

Last Words

I know this is kinda useless, but it just add's to the game to be able to power on/off your saber when you feel like it.

It might be good for making some cool screenies, or if you're like me, you may just feel like listening to the hum of your lightsaber.. :)

And yes, I know I went a little crazy with bold, italics, underlined stuff etc,. but I couldnt help myself.. :) Though it is one of my best readme's to date..:) Anyways...

Enjoy the mod!

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