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Using the Force is one of the more fun things to do in a Star Wars game, especially ones that you can use as attacks on your opponents. My...


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Using the Force is one of the more fun things to do in a Star Wars game, especially ones that you can use as attacks on your opponents. My favorite one is choking them to death as it makes me feel like Darth Vader. :p One of the varieties of the Knights of the Old Republic games is the choice to choose what Force Powers you want to use to help benefit your character the most. Sometimes we need a change of what is out there and add some new powers to our arsenal.

BIOShazard and Ferc Kast have worked together to bring you four new Force Powers to play with in the game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Two of the Force Powers are based on fire; time to fry your opponents. The other two Force Powers are a lightning based one, and cold based one. Two of the powers will be available once you hit level 18, while the other two are available at level 22.

The TSL Patcher is used to make the necessary changes for the spells.2da file and the dialogue.tlk file. A word of warning for those who sometimes uninstall their games – most of you know to backup your override folder, but make sure you keep a copy of your dialogue.tlk file. That’s not in your override folder, but in the game folder itself. Because if you don’t, the powers won’t work right if you re-install the game and you will have trouble running tk102’s KSE. Just read the comments on how many people have trouble running it. One of the more common reasons is because of what I just mentioned. Anyway, enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'lost_powers_pack.rar' (275KB)

Lost Force Powers Pack

Creators: BIOShazard and Ferc Kast
Description: Adds 4 new Force Powers. 2 Fire Based, 1 Lightning Based, and 1 Cold based. You get 2 of the powers at Level 18, and the other 2 at level 22.
Comments: Much, much, much crying to get Lightning Crush to work. Turns out Ferc gave the script the wrong name in Spells.2da. Also, much crying (Mosty on my part) trying to get the powers to appear at level up, and to have them have the correct name.
How to use: Get to level 18 to get Inferno and Freeze. Get to Level 22 for Lightning Crush and Volcanic Fist.
Installation: Use the installer, and select the folder that contains the game's executeable.
Uninstallation: Remove the files from your override.

Bugs: Lightning Crush doesn't work, but sound is played (Major) (Resolved)
Names and descriptions given don't appear. (Major) (Resolved) (Found a stash of possible cut powers.)

Ferc Kast (Lightning Crush, Volcanic Fist, setting up the TSLPatcher, and fixing some other problems)
Me (Inferno, Freeze, crying)
e-varmint (for allowing me to base Inferno off of his Inferno script for K1)
Sekan (editing my script so that Freeze would actually work)
Exile007 (Telling me that sometimes I have to start a new game for a power to appear on Level Up)

The product We are editing is provided as-is by Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts, and this mod is not sponsored by either company. Any bodily injuries or computer malfuntion you may occur is not our fault, but rather, yours.

A joint project between me and Ferc Kast. Ferc originally had the idea of Lightning Crush many eons (a few months) ago, but only recently finalized everything. While me and Ferc were in our project discussion mode, we got into his "Force Power Project" and he asked me to make the icon for his power. At the time, I had started a new WIP, and I wanted to add new force powers. Thats where evarmint came in. I found an old script of his, and I asked if I could modify it for my first power test. Around the time I finished Force Inferno, Ferc had finished Volcanic Fist, and I had started on Freeze. Now is the final product.

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