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M16965 (Mandalorian16965) has done it yet again, this time though he has made one heck of a funny mod. My personal opinion on funny mods or...


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M16965 (Mandalorian16965) has done it yet again, this time though he has made one heck of a funny mod. My personal opinion on funny mods or mods made as joke is that they are all right for the casual player who is just perusing through the world of modding to make thier game a little more funny and/or interesting. This one though I would recommend for even the hardest core modders who can't get enough of the Kotor games. What this mod actually will do is take you back into the 60's (in our reality) and make all of those loveable characters that you like to help or destroy...hippies and if that wasn't enough now even the Sith Lords are getting into it with their tiedie robes and masks.:lol: Anway I have to say this is a pretty funny mod and I would recommend downloading it just to brighten up you day!

Anyway awesome job with this mod m16965 I think many people will like to have a cool but funny retro change in thier game. Now to all of you people reading this review...as always...Enjoy!;)

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '16965s_humor_mod.zip' (6.02MB)


author- mandalorian16965
email- m16965@gmail.com

description- well as a humor mod it does many things. it sends nihilus, sion and traya back to the 60s to meet flower power before coming back to the present. it also draws smiley faces on the zombies on the ravanger and revan. it makes a few new mandalorian armour changes including mandalore himself. the last and final thing it does is a joke of mine. it adds my mark to some places throughout the planets. see if you can find them :D

installation- i know it sounds like alot but you have to put all the files into the override folder if you don't have a folder make one

comments- this was a very fun mod to make and got me some good experiance.

permission- edit it for personal use but do not repost it without my permission and without including this reed me


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