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Well ZimmMaster brings us a new offering; basically he was frustrated how you don't get Mandalore's helmet in game (warning spoilers ahead) - as Revan told Canderous where to find the Helmet that decides the leadership of the Mandalorians. So the modder decided to place the helmet on a shop on Onderon; I'm not too sure this makes a massive amount of sense in terms of storyline as Canderous is already Mandalore, however it is a neat touch, and you get to see Mandalore without his helmet, meaning you get the unused older head of Canderous for the Character, the mod also comes with its own icon/ So if your bored of his appearance this mod may well just be for you!

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Knights of the Old Republic 2: TSL
TITLE: Mandalore's Helmet
AUTHOR: ZimmMaster

FILENAME: Mandalore's
FILESIZE: 12.9 kb

Simply put the following files in your override folder:


To uninstall, remove these files.

What this mod does is give you Mandalore's Helmet. I was always frustrated at how Canderous Ordo(Mandalore) said that Revan gave him the location of his helmet and then you did not have Mandalore's helmet in your inventory. Instead you get an item called Mandalore's Armor which makes you look like Mandalore with the helmet. What I've done is make it so that when Mandalore joins you he does not have a helmet on. Since I am not that great of modder my capabilities are limited. So to get the helmet you have to go to Onderon and buy it from a merchant but I won't say which one 'cause it would ruin the fun in finding it. The helmet comes with a custom icon. Enjoy

None I hope. If you find any please post them in the comments or leave me a visitor message at my public profile at

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