Matching Dark Jedi Robes

mtch_darkjedi.zip —


Ankh makes his debut here on KotOR Files with a simple but very effective "visual texture replacement", this mod replaces the horrible in game "Dark Jedi" robes and makes them look like the robes the Dark Jedi you face in game wear. The author has not improved the stats of the robes, which at least to me is something the modder should be applauded for, it always seemed silly to me when robes receive lots of stat boosts in mods. The modder has used the default PC Jedi Robe model which is why these differ from the robes of the in game dark Jedi; and also why there are no hoods. All in all I very much like this mod...Enjoy! -- jonathan7Please leave the author praise and constructive criticism; which are often far more valuable than rating mods...Mod Rating: Basic 


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