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Remember the miner's uniform from KotOR II? You know, the one you never used after Peragus--you know, that lifeless rock that you hate. :P (Actually, I always loved the place, but I'm in the minority. ;))

For those of you who don't recall (who have most likely repressed the memory), Peragus was a mining colony. The miners drilled fuel from the asteroid field that orbited Peragus II; the field was created when the same miners blew up a whole chunk of the planet the first time they tried to mine there (they never learn, do they?). Knights of the Old Republic II starts out on Peragus, and for the first couple of hours, mostly everyone you meet is either a droid or the hologram of a dead miner. About halfway through the quest to escape Peragus, the player comes across one of the uniforms that the miner wears (if the player is female, Atton has a rather hilarious comment). What's interesting about the miner's uniform is that anyone can wear it, yet you can actually upgrade it to some degree, with underlays, some of which are very helpful (a favorite of mine is the Biorestorative underlay, which boosts VP regeneration and Constitution).

Now, here's where Anonymous08 comes in. This mod reskins the miner's uniform to give it a new look. The reskin is based off of the Echani Light Armor. This will affect everyone that wears the mining uniform, including party members and NPCs. Also, these changes will take affect immediately; no need to start a new game or anything like that. I think it looks pretty cool. If you like what you see, give it a download.

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Miner Uniform Reskin

I've always hated the default miner uniform's skin, so I decided to take the PMBC07 and PFBC07 skins, edit them a little (adding miner logos, changing a few colors) and replace the male and female miner uniform with them.
I also changed the logo for the uniform.

Just put the TGA files into your override folder.
NOTE: I had to exit the game after putting the files in override for the skins to show up.

You can use any of this stuff, since I hardly did anything.  Just make sure you reference me if you rip of the skins completely.

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