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_Animus_ makes his FileFront debut today, with this reskin for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This mod is centered a...


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_Animus_ makes his FileFront debut today, with this reskin for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This mod is centered around one of your Party Members. That party member is Mira.

One of the most obvious changes, is the skin colour. The skin is now 'orange', as you can see in the screenshots, so my guess is that Mira has gone a little overboard with the foundation. :P The author has also done some texturing work on Mira's stomach area, making it seem 'muscly'. In my opinion, this may not have been such a good move. (She is a woman after all. ;)) From what I gather, the skin gets paler as Mira becomes more aligned with the Dark Side of the Force.

Animus has also recoloured her clothing and given it a more intimidating look, than the original green/turquoise affair. :P This is probably my favorite change he has made, as I think the skin could do with a little more work than has currently been done on it.

This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation, so just double-click the .exe and you're away! :P

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Download 'mirarevision.zip' (2.66MB)

[TSL] Mira Revision by Animus. – 3/8/09

Run the .exe to install the mod.

I just couldn’t take that turquoise undershirt seriously on a bounty hunter/jedi…and decided to change some other things while I was at it.  She now looks more like a “red maned huntress”.  Enjoy the new look.

I couldn’t have made this mod without the wonderful people at Holowan Laboratories, and of course Fred Tetra’s KotORtool.

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This mod may be used otherwise if credit is kindly given.

Contact Animus at the Team Gizka forum if you have questions.

This modification is provided as-is and is not supported by Bioware/Obsidian entertainment or Lucasarts, or any licensers/sponsors of the mentioned companies. Use of this file is at your own risk and the above mentioned companies or the author is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer for the usage of this file.

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