Mira's Bounty Hunter Pack

mirahunterpack.zip —


This pack contains a:-

  • Stun Rifle
  • Hunter Armour
  • Hunter Shield
  • Hunter Pistols
  • Hunter Mask
  • Hunter Belt

The weapons are reasonably well-balanced and match the characters personality. I do think the stun rifle is a little excessive though with it being certain to stun your target and do some damage. Overall I think this is a good mod. One note is that this mod changes the characters .utc file, so if you already have a mira.utc file in your override folder you need to pick one. If you do not want to replace the file you can always get the items through the cheat console. These items are only usable by Mira.

I made this file myself so I will not be rating it.

- Enterprise2002



Hi, this is my mod Mira's Bounty Hunter Pack!
It basically contains weapons, and armour that mira used.


Extract the files in the 'mira' folder into your 'Override' folder, which you will find in your KOTOR2 main directory.

There... that wasn't too hard was it.

Or at least I hope it wasn't.


No bugs that I know of, should be compatible with all other mods.
You will find Mira already has all the armour and stuff on her when you get her, and if you have already gone past that point, just use cheat codes.
That's it. Enjoy!

Holowan Labratories - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=44915c530d8bdda498babb7c706cb544&threadid=148315

If you need help contant me at the link.

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