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It’s been a pleasure so far to be able to do review Prime’s mods and there is plenty left to do. Since I got the two robe files for the ori...


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It’s been a pleasure so far to be able to do review Prime’s mods and there is plenty left to do. Since I got the two robe files for the original Knights of the Old Republic game up, I may as well get Prime’s Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords version up for you hardcore TSL players out there.

It’s like I mentioned in the KOTOR version of these movie style robes, this is where it all started basically. People have taken this concept and made their own from this idea. Prime paved the path. Now this original looking style for TSL has made its way here to FileFront.

Like in the K1 version, Prime made robes based off of Prequel era Jedi of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Mace Windu. He’s also got other style of robes he likes to call Traditional Jedi Master robe, Shinobu Jedi Master robe, Brown Jedi Master robe, and White Jedi Master robe. Now what’s unique about this mod is that he made these skins for the robed version and the plain tunic version which uses the robe model from K1, but it gives you the concept of taking off your robe before battle like the Prequel era Jedi liked to do.

Also if you watched the Clone Wars animated series that ran from 2003-2005 between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, you may noticed Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi armor. Well, that available to use in this mod, along with two other styles of armor; Light Jedi Battle Armor, and Army of Light Jedi Battle Armor. Oh, and don’t forget Luke Skywalker’s style of robe that he wore in Return of the Jedi, that’s included in this mod.

This mod uses some .2da files and will require some editing if you use any of the same ones that Prime included in this mod. The instructions on what is changed is in the readme. Enjoy people! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (9.52MB)

TSL Movie Jedi Robes Mod

Version 1.1
- fixes the issue of some items not being usable with all the different PC types.


This mod adds various Jedi robes and armours for the player character (PC).  Some of these robes are designed after those worn by movie characters, but there are some original ones as well.  The characters are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker.  In addition to robes, there are also some sets of Jedi armour and a Jedi battle helmet.  

NOTE: the Tunics and Army of Light Armour are for male PCs only!

The list of files is as follows:

Configuration files:
appearance.2da - specifies which robes use which models
baseitems.2da - adds Jedi armour as items
itemcreate.2da - allows items to be created at the workbench
itemcreatemira.2da - allows items to be created at the workbench

Brown Jedi Master Robe:
a_robe_80.uti - robe parameters
PFBI80.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_080.tga - icon

Shinobu Jedi Master Robe:
a_robe_81.uti - robe parameters
PFBI81.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_081.tga - icon

Kenobu Jedi Knight Robe:
a_robe_82.uti - robe parameters
PFBI82.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_082.tga - icon

Jinn Jedi Master Robe:
a_robe_83.uti - robe parameters
PFBI83.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_083.tga - icon

Windu Jedi Master Robe:
a_robe_84.uti - robe parameters
PFBI84.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_084.tga - icon

Skywalker Jedi Knight Robe:
a_robe_85.uti - robe parameters
PFBI85.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_085.tga - icon

White Jedi Master Robe:
a_robe_86.uti - robe parameters
PFBI86.tga - texture
ia_JediRobe_086.tga - icon

Brown Jedi Master Tunic:
duel_robes02.uti - robe parameters
PFBII02.tga - texture
ia_slave_002.tga - icon

Shinobu Jedi Master Tunic:
duel_robes03.uti - robe parameters
PFBII03.tga - texture
ia_slave_003.tga - icon

Shinobu Jedi Master Tunic:
duel_robes03.uti - robe parameters
PFBII03.tga - texture
ia_slave_003.tga - icon

Jinn Jedi Master Tunic:
duel_robes04.uti - robe parameters
PFBII04.tga - texture
ia_slave_004.tga - icon

Windu Jedi Master Tunic:
duel_robes05.uti - robe parameters
PFBII05.tga - texture
ia_slave_005.tga - icon

Skywalker Jedi Knight Tunic:
duel_robes06.uti - robe parameters
PFBII06.tga - texture
ia_slave_006.tga - icon

Kenobi Jedi Knight Tunic:
duel_robes07.uti - robe parameters
PFBII07.tga - texture
ia_slave_007.tga - icon

Traditional Jedi Master Tunic:
duel_robes08.uti - robe parameters
PFBII08.tga - texture
ia_slave_008.tga - icon

Luke Jedi Knight Tunic:
duel_robes09.uti - robe parameters
N_CommM09.tga - texture

Army of Light Jedi Battle Armour:
a_jediarmour_01.uti - armour parameters
armour01.txi - shader file
armour01.tga - texture
n_darthband.mdl - model file
n_darthband.mdx - model file
ia_revan_001.tga - icon

Kenobi Light Jedi Battle Armour:
a_jediarmour_87.uti - armour parameters
PFBN87.txi - shader file
PFBN01.txi - shader file
PFBN87.tga - texture
ia_MstrRobe_087.tga - icon

Light Jedi Battle Armour:
a_jediarmour_88.uti - armour parameters
PFBN88.txi - shader file
PFBN01.txi - shader file
PFBN88.tga - texture
ia_MstrRobe_088.tga - icon

Jedi Battle Helmet:
jedi_helmet.uti - helmet parameters
i_mask_080.mdl - model file
i_mask_080.mdx - model file
I_NeuralBand3.tga - texture
ii_Mask_080.tga - icon

Note: the textures specified above are in most cases for white and asian characters.  Gloved versions are included in the "gloved" directory that is inside the "jedi robes" directory.  To replace the default versions with the gloved versions, simple replace the appropriate file or files.  The files for each robe are listed above.


The robes and armour can be installed in by the following steps:

1. Extract all the files into the Override folder in the The Sith Lords directory.  The files will be placed inside their own directory in there.  If using WinZip, ensure that the "use folder names" option is selected.  This will result in a "jedi robes" directory appearing in the Override directory that will contain all the files.  This allows the robes and armour to be created during the course of the game.  Note: a high enough experience level and repair skill are required to create the items.

2. Using the "giveitem" cheat command (Optional!)
This method will add the armour and helmet to the player character's inventory.
To enable cheats, in your game directory edit swkotor.ini and under [Game Options] 
add EnableCheats=1.  Start the game then when playing press ' to bring down the console
prompt, which is not visible.  At the console prompt, type "giveitem <item name>" to add 
the item to the inventory.  

The item names are:
Brown Jedi Master Robe - a_robe_80
Shinobu Jedi Master Robe - a_robe_81
Kenobi Jedi Knight Robe - a_robe_82
Jinn Jedi Master Robe - a_robe_83
Windu Jedi Master Robe - a_robe_84
Skywalker Jedi Knight Robe - a_robe_85
White Jedi Master Robe - a_robe_86
Brown Jedi Master Tunic - duel_robes02
Shinobu Jedi Master Tunic - duel_robes03
Jinn Jedi Master Tunic - duel_robes04
Windu Jedi Master Tunic - duel_robes05
Skywalker Jedi Knight Tunic - duel_robes06
Kenobi Jedi Knight Tunic - duel_robes07
Traditional Jedi Master Tunic - duel_robes08
Luke Jedi Knight Tunic - duel_robes09
Army of Light Jedi Battle Armour - a_jediarmour_01
Kenobi Light Jedi Battle Armour - a_jediarmour_87
Light Jedi Battle Armour - a_jediarmour_88
Jedi Battle Helmet - jedi_helmet

These can then be equiped by the player with the appropriate requirements (feats, sex, etc.) from the inventory screen.

Simply remove all the files from the Override directory.

Modding Information:

Several configuration files have been altered from the original game.  The following is information that can be used to combine this mod with others that affect the same files. You will require the kotor_tool to merge these files. 

- added lines 209-227

- added lines 214-232

- alterd lines 136-180, 543-545, and 578-580, columns modelj and texj
	- this adds the Army of Light Armour
- alterd lines 136-180, 543-545, and 578-580, columns modell and texl
	- this adds the tunics

- added lines 104 and 105.
	- required for the armours

Known Issues:
If you encounter issues, please report them to the email address specified above.  I will do what we can to correct them.

Some of the items are for male PC only because of various issues, in part because I did not have female textures for the tunics, etc.

NOTE: if you already have a modified itemcreate.2da, itemcreatemira.2da, baseitems.2da, or appearance.2da files in your Override directory, DO NOT replace those with the versions included in this mod.  This will have undesirable affects on the other mods.  You will 
have to choose which mod you want to use.  Or you can use the modding information included in this readme (see Modding Information) and the kotor_tool to merge them.

Thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the truly fantastic kotor editing tool.  Also a appreciative shout out to the many friendly folks at the Lucasforums' Holowan Laboratories board who have provided guidance and insight as well as answering 
numerous questions.

Finally, thanks to Bioware for making a truly kick ass game...

This mod is not supported in any way by Lucasarts or Bioware.

You may edit or modify these files for your own personal use.  

If you wish to use any or all of these files for you own public mod, please contact PRIME for permission at the email addresses at the beginning of this file.  If I grant permission, please give me credit and include this readme file with your mod.  I will not be granting permission to do simple recolouring of the textures.

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