Movie Style Dark Side Transitions



As we saw in Episode 3, the Dark Side does not automatically mean you start looking like Darth Sion on a bad skin day. It's a far more subtle, quiet thing to fall. The changes are subtle, aside from yellowed eyes glowing with the Dark Side's power.

Shem broken out these faces of the Dark Side for our Exiles, male and female. However, when the Exile goes Dark, she/he does not go alone. Therefore, there are DS transitions for every member of the Exile's crew! Now, you can watch the subtle evil creep across the Handmaiden's face or see Mira's face grow stony. That, and Atton still retains his lady-killer face while reverting back to literal lady-killer status.

Again, roses and onions will allow the modder to make more and better mods in the future. It is also the only payment modders receive for the hours of hard work that goes into a project.

- Allronix




Title: Movie Style Dark Side Transitions
Author: Shem
Date Released: 1/10/07

Description: I gave in and rather quickly after the K1 release to present you the TSL version.  The sequel to one of my biggest projects ended up being a bigger project as I expected, but I'm hoping you're all glad that I actually did it.  All 34 of the selectable heads you can choose from in TSL have been changed to have a realistic dark side transition.  As like before, it is to get rid of the zombie look and have the eyes just change color to the Sith style ones.

So basically you're not going to look ugly anymore when going to the dark side.  In TSL, Obsidian made two different skins for each head for turning to the dark side.  What I did is made it so you have two looks.  Normal eyes or Sith eyes.  To get to the Sith eyes, you need to get to the second and final dark side transition to get the Sith eyes.

Another thing to consider is we have seen people on the dark side and not have Sith eyes, so making you have to go down really far for you to show that you're a dark side follower seems real to me.  It maybe something to get used to at first seeing your level up menu and your character have their alignment showing red yet still looking normal, but I think this is a good change.  I also made new portraits for your normal look and your dark side look for each of the 34 heads.  That part took the longest to do in this project.

A bonus that comes with this mod is the party members who can be influenced to the dark side and have their dark side transitions themselves.  This includes, Atton, Bao-Dur, the Handmaiden, the Disciple, Mira, and Visas.  With Visas, she just lost the zombie look since she doesn't have eyes.  They all have new portraits to go with this new look and all the party members have portraits that do not have dark side transitions.

I also got permission from Inyri Forge to use her only male Caucasian re-skin for this release to help prevent crying among the community since her head skin is very popular.  It is the first male Caucasian head.  There are two alternate versions.  The one that Inyri made by adding the goatee.  There is my version based off of Inyri's work where the goatee is a little darker to match the eyebrows and to show up better on the face while I faded out the scar by his right eye.  Her original readme file is included.

Installation: If you want all the default looks in there, just put the files you see in the folder into the override folder.  The skins with alternate looks are in their own seperate folders.

Special Thanks: This goes to Inyri Forge for letting me use her head skins for alternate head options.  Her readme files have been included in this release.


Yo how do you install this? I have 7zip but can't do anything with this file. Please help. Step by step instructions please, I'm very new to modding.