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One thing Obsidian did when making Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was cut a lot of areas they made, even areas in existing modules. What I’m talking about is there are areas in some modules where they closed the door and made it so you can’t access it, but the door can be opened if you have the proper tool are script to do it. I’ve explored many areas that aren’t typically accessible in that game, and I must say I’m always pleased when someone take advantage of it.

FrantFire returns to the modding scene to give us something new to do on Nar Shaddaa. Remember the docks? That is where Vogga the Hutt is. Remember Fassa, the blue Twi’lek? There’s an area nearby that is closed off, but can be accessible like how I describe in the first paragraph. Anyway, the author has opened that area up and has added some content for us to check out.

To find out more about what this mod will do for you; open the readme file and read it or you could regret it. Yeah, it’s long, but I hope to prevent one people from coming in and complaining about a bug they caused because they didn’t read this review or the readme file. This mod also contains two .2da files and the author hasn’t learned to use the TSL Patcher yet. This is one of those opportunities for you to learn how to use the KOTOR Tool and do some .2da editing as it is easy as editing a spreadsheet document. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





NAR SHADDAA hidden complex mod v1.0

Author: FrantFire
Date released: 18/6/08

Time spent: 36 hours or so, I'm not much a scripter ... :(

Contact: [email protected]; [email protected]
             as GeorgNihilus at www.lucasforums.com

1. Idea				
One day I used force sight to the door next to Fassa in Nar Shaddaa docks area and ... when I opened it I found an interesting 
unused complex or so, then I decided to use this area, somehow ...

2. Info 
This mod does the following: 
1) allows to open one of two doors near Fassa twi'lek in Nar Shaddaa docks, you will be able to open only one of these two
sealed doors, and also access 2 closed doors at the Refugee landing pad area (I always wondered what was behind those
doors); there you will find some sort of abandoned cantina.
2) It will spawn (add) a twi'lek female in the Nar Shaddaa docks flophouse area, up to you find where ... plus some pretty 
nasty thugs, somewhere ...
3) improved 303han.dlg file, which plays when entering the docks module of Nar Shaddaa for first time (Hanharr walking into
Vogga's room), to improve many too long texts for their pretty short correspondent streamvoices, which causes some NPCs 
many times to finish their lips animations while you are reading the text ... this problem persists throughout many .dlg files
in the game in alien voiceovers specially (of course you can read faster but still it is an annoyance).
4) it will turn hostile the alien gran thug of Vogga's enclave entry door, only in case you decide to kill the bith guard near him.
(I did this to give more realism to this easy fight, no sense having the bith fighting you and the alien gran thug by him just 
standing there). The bith will be a little more challenging of course. So you will have a realistic fight with Vogga's guards now. 
This has nothing to do with the Complex mod itself but I included it anyway in this pack.
5) improved and modified Vogga.dlg (he will realize you have killled his enclave door guards), plus reducing many long texts
for short streamvoices, same problem worked in Vogga's bith dialog. 
5) Two journal entries have been added to quickly refer this mod.

3. How to play
You will need a saved game before arriving for first time at Nar Shaddaa; anyway, if you do not have one and you have a saved
game at the Refugee Landing Pad or the Promenade -and you have not entered the Docks area before- you can still open the 
doors near trandoshan Vossk at the landing pad by other means (you cheaters...) I mean, by using Lit Ridl Warp Band or 
Darth333 & tk102 whereami armband for example. This way you can still initiate the mod.

Read this ONLY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW exactly what to do, I better suggest playing to figure out how to open them ... so, if you want 
to know how to open the docks doors you will need a special key, available in a lost pad inside the abandoned cantina of Nar Shaddaa 
refugee landing pad (this hidden cantina was also unavailable in original game, by the way, and it is placed just behind trandoshan Vossk). 
Without the key, the doors next to Fassa in the docking area will remain closed -showing as "Sealed door" in case you want to know- or 
if you do not find the key. Once opened the door, just enter and see ... and be focused ...

There is also a hard-to-open footlocker in the 'cantina', which needs a special key available in the same room ... 

A twi'lek woman has also been spawned (added) to one of the flophouse's rooms, hiding for some reason. She will be behind a separating 
panel in the next room of ithorian Lasavvou. Talk to her to know about her behaviour (she is voiced, twi'leks tongue).

Finally, to reach the bith dialog option to kill him, while talking to him about Vogga's fuel contracts take the branch "It's not safe to 
compete with me". Once you have killed him and the alien gran, may be Vogga won't be pleased about this ... who knows ...

4. Installation/Uninstallation

BEFORE copying all the files into your Override folder (I'm short of time to learn the TSL patcher ...), backup first your global.jrl, 
globalcat.2da and upgrade.2da -in case you have some of these files in your Override-. Backup also any of the .dlg files this mod
includes if you have any of them in your Override, check the uninstall list in this section. 

For compatibility with your global.jrl; copy STRUCTS ID 117 y 118 of my file to yours (with KGFF 1.1.6 for example it's pretty quick).

To update your globalcat.2da; copy row labels 1044 y 1045 from my globalcat.2da file, following your last globalcat entry (very easy 
to do with FredTetra's KotorTool).

Finally, to make compatible the upgrade.2da if you have one, edit lines 369 to 372, unless you already have Envida's Khoonda lost
room mod installed, in that case you don't need editing (KotorTool i.e.). (the 4 ev_... crystals).

You can either way play the mod without the global.jrl entries (the journal entries) but not if you do not edit the globalcat.2da. Good
moment to learn the basics of KotorTool for you no-modders guys ...  ;)

To uninstall; delete the following files from your Override folder (it's not necessary to delete the .lip files, they can be used later):  

n_compleadr.utc (the merc leader .utc)

c_pcfemundie.ncs (checks if a female PC is in her undies hmm...)


and so on ... 

global.jrl (only if you have your backup!!)
globalcat.2da (only if you have a backup, not necessary if you added the 2 entries to your file)
ev_crys_04.uti (don't delete if you have Envida's Khoonda lost room mod)
ev_crys_03.uti (idem)
iw_sbrcrstl_203.tga (don't delete if you have Envida's Khoonda lost room mod)
iw_sbrcrstl_204.tga (idem)
upgrade.2da (different from upgrades.2da , don't delete if you have Envida's Khoonda lost room mod)

quello.dlg (in this file only added a script that spawns items in the line "What's with you, letting that piece ...", named k_enter_301ff.ncs)

Readme Nar Shaddaa hidden complex mod 1.0 (this readme)

5. Recommended
Recommended level to access the docks door/s, 14, with 3 party members, nevertheless you can hardly 'survive' with
upgraded gear, equipments, grenades or mines in your inventory, or simply running away from these mercenaries just 
in case you get there before those levels ...  ;)
Many people certainly download overpowered mods, I have seen a lot of them, armors and lightsabers specially; so if you have
installed this sort of mods you will have good chances of killing the mercenaries before level 14, as you can see I like to edit 
.uti's to reduce slightly weapons-armors stats for challenging fights.

6. New items or equipments
Two lightsaber crystals only, actually not new items just slightly reduced by me, powerful enough but only for 100% darkside
or lightside aligned Jedis, and you will be able to collect a few pre-existing game items from the corpses, if you succeed hmph ... 

7. Credits:
Very special thanks to:

Stoffe - for an On Notice script I used in the Complex area, being a guide many times at the Holowan labs.
Darth Xander - for allowing me (all of us) to see this lost cantina -or whatever it is- through his original Nar Shaddaa lost cantina mod.
Envida - for allowing me use and modify some files from Envida Khoonda lost room mod 1.3. 

and anyone else at the Holowan Laboratories - For all the great resources!

and all the tool makers of course, those genius people  ;)

8. Compatibility
This mod should work with both Darth Xander's Nar Shaddaa lost cantina mod and Envida's Khoonda lost room 1.3, though I certainly
haven't had the time to test this last mod with mine ... but it should work. Mail me if there's a bug or something. 

This mod is not compatible with mods which modify any of the (.dlg) files this mod have. Check the uninstall list. 
Anyway, it's pretty simple to make this mod short .dlg files compatible. Contact me.

9. Experience won
If you are not a fan of gathering too much experience points (XP) through all the mods you install, then you would like to know you 
will gain 1500 XP points or so with this mod after dealing with the mercenaries, if you kill all of them, plus the gran thug of Vogga.
(1250+250 the gran thug). You can subtract some XP through KSE (KotOR/KotOR2 Savegame Editor) to your savegame if you want.

10. Bugs
None of importance as far as I have tested, anyway mail me if you find one.

11. Permissions
You can use freely this mod files, just give me the correspondent credits in case you use or modify some of these files.

This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks
and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords, characters, items, etc. are 
trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp.

Obsidian are trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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