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It's kind of what the name implies. There are two version of this for LS and DS players, which change the cost of using Force powers on the...


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It's kind of what the name implies. There are two version of this for LS and DS players, which change the cost of using Force powers on the opposite side. Specifically they lower it, and depending on the version you install LS powers can be used at the cost of DS powers and vice versa. With no more inhibitions upon Force power cost you'll have access (or at least, reason to access) the entire array of powers.

It's fun if you'd like to use something from the other alignment occasionally, though for gamers who don't like making their playthroughs easier it will unbalance the gameplay. But to each their own!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

-Emperor Devon

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BY iLike_Speed @

File Size: 1.41 MB

Date Released: August 27, 2007

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Version


There are two versions of this MOD, each one completely different 
depending on gameplay style.  One version is to install the 
"ALL FORCE POWERS EVIL" MOD.  With this all force powers automatically
become evil thus taking away the point disadvantage normally if one 
were to play the light side and use a dark force power.  Same thing 
with the "ALL FORCE POWERS GOOD" MOD. A player could be completely 
evil and on the dark side, yet use a power such as "Stasis Field" 
and it would be as if using any other dark power. This MOD is for 
those who find it annoying that they can't play between the light 
and dark side, being neutral but must pick a side.  Now, the 
opportunities are unlimited.


Simply use the installation program and enjoy!

Just don't try and install both at the same time because it might
screw up your game, for me it just made the universal powers good,
and the light side powers evil.


Replace the spells.2da file in the override folder with the original 

Distribution Notes: 
If you want to use my MOD in another MOD being made, please just tell
me about it, because I would enjoy helping out if at all possible.


Fred Tetras KotOR Tool.
Stoffe's TSLPatcher program which allowed me to make this MOD
compatible with other MODS that delt in the same area.
Bennyl because he inspired me to make this MOD.

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