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Here we got a new look for HK-47. Instead of a red skin, he now has a black skin. It’s the HK-51 skin converted to be the HK-47 skin in this mod. Now don’t confuse the HK-50 units with the HK-51 units. ;)

The author loves the skin and since the HK-51 units were cut from the game, he felt it a waste not to use them, especially since he can’t stand the rusty look HK-47 had in KOTOR II. Personally, I love the rusty look of HK-47 in TSL since it shows how worn and used he is. I also love it that he is red, but that’s just my personal opinion. Everybody has their own personal preference.

I did help out the author in this one by making the portrait for his HK-47 mod. Now the author does say that red eyes show up as a known bug on the portrait, but from the pics and stuff, it really isn’t a bug. That was because before I made the new portrait for him and gave it blue eyes like the skin. The older one he was going to use did have red eyes. He just forgot to update that in his readme, so don’t worry about that when you read about it in the readme.




---- New HK-47 by Archer ----

Although I'm a real HK47-fan I never liked the Kotor2-HK47-Skin. It was TOO rusty. I tried several things to change this rusty skin (for an example: I have tried to give him the kotor 1 skin but the skin didn't work and you could see THROUGH him ... not good ... *gg*). Someday I gave it up and started a new game with the rusty HK. And on Peragus I saw the HK-50 and I thought "Yeah, something like that wouldn't look bad...". But it wouldn't be really logical if HK-47 looks like a HK-50, like a "copy". So I looked through all Skin-files of Kotor2 and suddenly I found the HK-51 - Skin. Yes, the HK-51, not the HK-50. Because of Kotor2 never been finished Obsidian got no chance to put the HK-51s into the game. So this skin is totally unused. A shame 'cause it's a really amazing skin. So I just put the HK-51 - Skin instead of the HK-47 - Skin into the game and - a wonder (!) - it worked and looked really cool. So I decided to publish it. The (great) portrait was made by Shem. I don't think I would have been able to make a protrait that fits with the skin by myself, so thanks, Shem, great work.

Just put all files except this readme into your SWKotOR2/Override - Directory. Doesn't work with other HK-47 - mod Reskins.

Known Bugs:
In the portrait HK-47 has red eyes instead of blue ones but I'm not good enough at modding to solve this problem.

Shem who made the great portrait

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