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New HK-47 Reskin

HK-47 as Shem stated once in the PotD section of this site is one of the most popuar characters in Kotor and TSL because 1. He is an assassi...


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HK-47 as Shem stated once in the PotD section of this site is one of the most popuar characters in Kotor and TSL because 1. He is an assassination droid; 2. He is pretty funny overall. HK has had a real rough life from haing his memory wiped in K1 to being deactivated in K2 and left for dead. Now with that said you can all see why HK should have something good happen to him in his lifetime. That is why M16965 has come up with a new mod that is sure to cheer up our... killing machine once agian.

M16965 took HK's armor in and did a small overhaul on it that really does make the amor look a whole lot better and give HK more of that new look he desperately deserves/needs. One of the things that M16965 got rid of was the corrosion on HK's armor which was very much needed in my opinion. You can't have an assassain droid with corroded motivators.:lol: Anyway though Other things that were canged or gotten rid of are as following...

-The scratches were edited off of HK's new armor -The metal on armor was softened -The aging around HK's frame was removed -HK's portrait was modified to keep it up to date with his new style.

So now our HKs are all ready to do the work of thier masters again and this time I bet he will mean bussiness. Good job M16965 it looks great and to all of you guys who can't wait to try out your new HK... Enjoy!;)

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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HK-47 New Apperance (version 1.0)
(for SWKotOR2:The Sith Lords.

HK-47 New Apperance for SWKotOR2 TSL

1. What is this?
2. What is new?
3. What did you not change?
4. How do I install it?
5. How do I use it?
6. How do I uninstall it?
7. Troubleshooting
8. Special thanks
9. Permissions

1. What is this?

This is a reskin for the Party member HK-47, who i know is very popular! Some of the changes have been simple others have been very difficult to get at.

2. What is new?

- I have changed the colour of HK to make him look less corroded.

- I have edited all the scratches off his skin as it makes him look  more of a new killing machene. 

- I have soffened the metal to give it a nice smooth texture.

- I have edited out most of the aging that was showing up in Hk's robot frame.

- I have changed the Portrait of Hk to match his new makeover.

3. What did you not change?

- I haven't changed the HK-50 Or HK-51 units as they can stay old as they are colnes of poor HK!

- I havent changed the model in any way.

4. How do I install it?

To install you will need WinRar. You can get it at:


Unpack all the files and extract the following files to:

LocalDisk (C:)>Program Files>Lucasarts>SWKotOR2>Override


Of course it won't hurt to put the screens and read me in the Override folder but it won't do any good either!

Some Novice users in WinRar may want to use the Wizard function. It will Put WinRar in a similar Style to Window's Explorer. You can then copy the files to

LocalDisk (C:)>Program Files>Lucasarts>SWKotOR2>Override

5. How do I use it?

This is a reskin you can't USE it! From the storage room in the Ebon Hawk he will have his new coat!

6. How do I uninstall it?
To uninstall simply remove the following files from the Override folder:


7. Troubleshooting
Q: HK appears see-through!
A: You have the brightness on your screen to high. You van edit that from the options menu or from your screen directly. If you edit the screen options enough it will appear a lot better!

Q: The Skin is not working!
A: There are everal reasons for this

- You may not have installed the files correctly, see section 4 for info

- You may be looking at the wrong texture!

- You may have another mod confilcting with this one! The shock the horror! If you want either skin to work properley it is best to uninstall one. See Section 5 for Uninstallation instructions.

8. Special thanks
Many thanks to Kotor files.
For being the home of all my mods since i started modding!

A big Ta has to go to Holowan labs.
For all the great modders that rest there, share thier ideas and all the great people that taught me so much about modding.

Many thanks to my Dad who bought me Corel Photoshop XI.
Thanks Dad!

Also thanks to Me and my Website!
for all the great things i have done for myself!

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