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Ever get tired of those annoying looking masks and headgear they have in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords? How does some new weapons sound to you? If you want one or the other or both, Oldflash has something of interest for you to try out.

If you take a look at the screenshots provided, you can see that the author has brought in brand spanking new head gear models for your characters to wear and some nice melee weapons. This new gear and weapons can be found on Peragus. If you check out the readme, the author talks about the new lockers and how to find these new items. Each new item gives you nice new attributes and skills to help your PC and party members on their journey and some new weapons to take out your opponents with. The readme describes the stats you get with each new item and weapon. Not only will you look cool, but you PC and party members will be enhanced. Enjoy the new mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




New items for TSL (final fix)
Lastupdate: correct 2 textures to work with geforce series video cards.

All items come with new unique models (one for each item), textures, stats and description.
All are placed 2 lockers on Peragus: one is in morgue near to Kreia's body and next is in right side of Holding Cells on Communication Blister.
For some items I have use animated textures. 
The script who control spawning lockers is that who control unlocking door to morgue (source included).
Other way to get this items is using KSE or “giveitems” cheatcodes (a_helmet_35 (to 40) for masks; w_melee_35 (to 39) for weapons)

Items Stats:
- Old Mask
Feat Request: Jedi Sence
Attribute Bonus: Wisdom +8
Regenerate Force Points +3
Enhanced Bonus +5

- Tech Enhanced eye
Attribute bonus: Dexterity +6
Skill Bonus: Awareness +6
Skill Bonus: Repair +6
Skill Bonus: Security +6
Skill Bonus: Demolition +6

- Environmental mask
Immunity: Poison
Immunity: Attribute Damage
Regeneration +2
Skill bonus: Treat Injury +3

- Cold-eyes
Skill Bonus: Awareness +6
Improved Saving Throuws: All +4
Improved Force Resistance +20

- Hunter's Eye
Imunity: Stun, Fear, Horror
Skill Bonus: Awareness +10
Bonus Feat: Precise Shot I
Bonus Feat: Precise Shot II
Bonus Feat: Precise Shot III
Bonus Feat: Precise Shot IV
Bonus Feat: Precise Shot V

- Force visor 
Attribute Bonus: Dexterity +4
Attribute Bonus: Wisdom +4
Regenerate Force Points +2
Improved Saving Throws: Damage Type Force Powers +5

Melee weapons:
- Darktime's sword
Feat request: Jedi Sence
Attribute Bonus: Dexterity +4
Damage Bonus 1-4 Type Dark Side
Damage Bonus 1-6 Unstoppable
Alignment Limitation Neutral/Dark Side

Ceremonial Sword of Light
Feat request: Jedi Sence
Attribute Bonus: Charisma +3
Attribute Bonus: Dexterity +4
Defence Bonus +3
Alignment Limitation Neutral/Light Side

Ancient Blade
Attack Bonus +4
Damage Bonus 1-8 Electrical
On Hit Knockdown vs. DC18

BF Double-Blade 
Attack Penalty 4
Damage Bonus 2-16 Slashing
Massive Criticals 2-20
Request: Strength min.16 and Dexterity min.14

Echani Quarterstaff
Defense Bonus +5
Damage Bonus +5 Piercing
On Hit: Poison, Virulent Weakness and Damage vs. DC 22
Extra Melee Damage Type Piercing 

Instalation: Unpack all files in override directory
Uninstall: Remove-it

Any overwrite confirm request during unpacking means conflict with another mod. Sorry for that.

Special thanks:
Fred Tetra for great tool
cchargin for mdlops
Holowan Labs for support 
SPECIAL THANKS for all who ask and all who give answer on Holowan Labs Forum.

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