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gaara7 joins the ranks of KotOR modders with this, their first mod. What this mod does is alter the party members in several ways.

First up for makeover is T3, who is now called Vandar Torake and looks like Master Vandar Tokare from KotOR I. Not only this, but he now has the Disciple's conversation, various powers (including Heal, Burst of Speed, Force Camouflage and Revitalise) , is of the Jedi Master class, has over 2000 hit points, 1000 Force points, and has some very good stats (+4 bonuses for both Dexterity and Wisdom). Master Vandar comes carrying two lightsabres and a Sith Disruptor.

Next is HK-47, or HK-50 as he is now. HK's dialogue is the same, and the changes seem less pronounced, but he now has an inordinate number of starting feats (I counted over 60), and over 6000 hit points. He comes carrying a generous number of weapons, mostly ranged, but Freyyr's Warblade is thrown in, too.

The Remote has been replaced with Zaalbar, who, paradoxically, has Hanharr's conversation . Appearances aside, Zaalbar has 8000 hit points, no skills other than 100 points in demolitions, another generous helping of feats, and is now of the Scout class. He is unarmed.

Finally, Atton has been given the third Caucasian male head, and renamed "Darsh Rendar", though he retains his usual dialogue. His Strength, Dexterity and Constitution are now set to 100 each, he has over 1000 hit points, 100 points paid into the Persuade skill, has been given a huge number of feats, and is of the Sith Marauder class. He comes with four robes (including a set of Dark Side Star Forge robes) and a lightsabre.

One thing you may have noticed about this mod is that it is very powerful, and in all honesty will unbalance your game quite severely, as well as making the whole 'find your lightsabre' plot element rather easier. It will also confuse the plot somewhat, in ways which should be somewhat obvious if you have played the game, but for the sake of not exposing those who have not to spoilers, will not be typed up here. The appearance and name-swapping could also have been done quite simply in KSE, as well, but since this mod does more than just that, this is not an very important point.

Further, the swapping of T3's dialogue out now means that you cannot recruit him following your discussion with Atris, unfortunately.

Overall, not a bad first mod; download if you could use a change in your party and you've already finished Telos.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

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