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The Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords party members are very memorable from my point of view by the fact that they were...


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The Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords party members are very memorable from my point of view by the fact that they were the first party members that could be converted into Jedi. I did notice before the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic that some mods were made that had party members converted into Jedi for the extra enjoyment to the game. Well, Obsidian made it a part of the game naturally, giving us something new to enjoy that we didn’t have naturally in the last KOTOR game.

Well, one thing that I notice is that over time we have players need something new to keep our interest in the game. That is where modding coming into play to help the replay value of the game increase for us personally. As I’ve mention before, new skins always seem to do the trick for lots of players out there because a new look seems to make the players feel new again.

In this mod release, Oldflash gives us new skins to enjoy. Atton has a new jacket skin, the Disciple went dark, the Handmaiden got new camouflage clothing, and T3-M4 has a new skin cover. As a bonus, the author put something new for the menu. He put the Twin Suns dancing behind Darth Nihilus on the main menu along with a cannock hanging around there too. Talk about a bonus.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (5.42MB)

Change apparence for NPC's Atton, Disciple, Handmaiden and T3M4


No stats modification, no super power, no ".2da" used, no ".uti" used 

Don't think will be any conflicts with other mods... after all it's just replacement of textures. 

Should be easy to use... No need for starting a new game. Work with old save's 

Space request: 9.1 Mb 

The pack contain (9 Files): 
P_AttonBA.tga - reskin for Atton's cloth/ribbed jacket

reskin for Disciple's cloth and face (with ds transition):

P_HandmaidenA.tga - Handmaiden reskined cloth
P_t3m4_01.tga - texture for T3m4

this files change mainmenu background
now Nihilius have assasin twins sister dancing behind him 

Installation and Uninstallation: 

To install put the files in the override folder. 
To uninstall remove the files. 

Fred Tetra 

terms: free for use, for anythink else ask.

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