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According to the author, this is the first part of a larger and as-of-yet unreleased mod. While that doesn't add anything immediate to this...


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According to the author, this is the first part of a larger and as-of-yet unreleased mod. While that doesn't add anything immediate to this file, it does give it some context - which, as it is, may be fairly confusing for downloaders.

Currently, this edit makes all the non-unique NPCs (ie the various Sith troopers) on the Ravager non-hostile, and adds 'loyal' in front of their various names. The various unique NPCs (Tobin, the Mandalorians) have also been removed. However, as a result of this there's not really anything to do... apart from wandering around the module and looking at the various Sith soldiers loyal enough not to attack you. Since no dialogue is written, you can't talk to them either. (In case it wasn't clear, btw, this is a new module. It's not an edit of 851NIH.)

When the full mod is out I should be able to give a more concise review, but in its current state there's not really anything *to* review. Simply put, this isn't finished yet.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon

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PersonalRavenger.mod v.1

OK, this is my first mod EVER, and in fact is hardly even that at all.
What i am releasing is the first part of a much larger mod that will (hopefully)
allow you throughout the game to complete side quests that will allow you to take control
of various bases, ships and temples like the Temple on Onderon or as in this case,
the Ravenger. 
 This is my first attempt at creating the first of these, which is the
PersonalRavenger V.1, a module basically the same as 851nih, although all of the hostiles have been removed and replaced with "Loyal" npcs. There is no way to get there other than warping (as far as i know, i am so very new at this :)) and there are no conversations that i know of, but i felt it a good idea to get my work out there and mark the beginning of something bigger.

To install, just pop the single .mod file in your MODULES folder.
To get to my mod, you must have cheats enabled in your swkotor2 configuration settings file (if you havent, add "EnableCheats=1" as a new line under [GameOptions]). Then, type into your console (get into your console
by pressing ~) "warp PersonalRavenger" and it SHOULD take you straight there.

Anyone can use this mod for whatever purpose they may find, as its all original, just please send me an email
at before you do, keep me posted, and credited :)

As for credits, i think HUGE credit goes to Fred Tetra for his Kotor Tool, Very large credit goes to Doom Dealer for his great guide on Modules, and to tk103 for his great K-GFF GFF editor tool.
You know what? Thanks to everyone that has been a part of any mod tool or mod. You ALL made this


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