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Junebug brings us her first mod for this site, and I must say that it is an accomplished re-skin/re-texture of the dirty blonde Caucasian female head; which changes the head to a natural red head. Freckles have been skilfully added, all in all this is an impressive début mod and I would have no hesitation in recommending this as a head should you want to play your exile as full-blooded red headed woman. Subtle dark-side transitions have also been included; please review the screens to see if this is a mod for you; as with most graphical mods it is of course down to personal preference, though I do admire the skill taken to do this particular head.

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords

by junebug
October 23rd 2008


A reskin and retexture of the last female caucasian head, an attempt at a natural redhead (with light freckles!).


Because I liked the features but not the dirty hair texture. And because I couldn't just stop at retexturing the hair, I had to re-do almost the whole damn thing.

The darkside transitions, or should I say transition, is really subtle, barely a change to the normal face really. Personally I don't like the zombie look too much, but I did include some light veins on the full DS face nevertheless, as well paleness/desaturation, if only to justify your party's comments on your lack of sleep. Sith eyes, of course.

This is a part of what I guess could be called my "natural beauty" reskin project, which isn't so much a project than me tweaking some of the head skins more to my liking (or just getting rid of the streetwalker makeup on my Jedi). It started back with the first Kotor and has continued into TSL and Jade Empire PC... I tend to play females, being one myself, so they get the most attention. Party members do too, if I feel something could be changed. :D This is the first I've ever released though, unless a couple of JE skins uploaded at LucasForums count.


Just copy all the TGA files into your SWKotOR2/Override directory.


Please ask if you want to use my textures, I'll probably say yes anyway.

CREDITS: - for a couple of free stock photos used and re-painted beyond recognition
Obsidian for the game

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