Playable Female Blue Twi’lek PC

In this mod, the author has given you a chance to a blue female Twi’lek for KOTOR II: TSL. His idea is based on Joris’ green female Twi’lek...


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In this mod, the author has given you a chance to a blue female Twi’lek for KOTOR II: TSL. His idea is based on Joris’ green female Twi’lek mod, who he waited patiently to get permission to use some of his stuff.

Personally I think the mod has a great reskin done to it. The blue color is one of my favorites of the Twi’leks. This mod does come with dark side transitions for all you dark side lovers out there. In these transitions, the eyes turn red instead of yellow, and mascara is smeared below the eyes to give a somewhat rugged appearance. Not exactly my taste in dark side transitions with the eyes since I love the yellow eyes, but I’m sure some of you out there will love this original idea for the eyes. The messy mascara was a good touch for the turn to the dark side. Props to the author for that.

Now, just so you know, this mod does have some 2da files (Appearance and Head files), so if any of you out there that have mods that use these types of files out there and do not know how to do 2da editing, it will do some conflicting. So be cautious.

If any of you guys and gals out there love being a female, and love the Twi’lek species that George Lucas created in his Universe, this mod is for you.


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Download 'pcblue_twilek.rar' (3.11MB)


New playable female PC: "Green Twi'lek"



*Attention! All creds for this goes to Joris Rosenbusch for
making the original extraction of the models, all I've done is
reskin his old mod, who I got permission to use // Riddim



This is a new playable character: "A blue female Twi'lek". 

The skin has been redone to a blue female with some new features and a 
much improved darkside transition as I found your old.. somewhat lame, no offence.
Dark side transition matches the old skins by LucasArts and Obsidian with creases 
plus glowing red eyes and some smeared mascara (if you can't accept the fact that your
evil sith lord has been crying you can just imagine a bad too much mascara plus eye 
infection accident. It's a mistake possible to make by even the most vicious sith lord ;))


Extract all the following files into your override folder:















Joris Rosenbusch

Thanks to Fred Treta for making the Kotor tool.

Very special thanks to:

To AVol,

To Joeyadel,

To ChAiNz.2da,

To Alveron182

For their great help and advice!!!
Thank you a lot guys!!!

This mod is not made or supported by LucasArts or Obsidian Entertainment!!!

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