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Ah, Shem returns with another head mod, so soon after the last one. This one is of another non-player character from Dantooine, but this tim...


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Ah, Shem returns with another head mod, so soon after the last one. This one is of another non-player character from Dantooine, but this time it's a female one. In order to complete the main quest on Dantooine, you have to enter the Jedi Enclave sublevel, which has been overridden with laigreks and salvagers. Before you enter, you come across a group of such salvagers led by Taepalae. She might look familiar, as it's similar to one of the female head options from Knights of the Old Republic I. (For the record, it was Shem who told me's been ages since I've played KotOR I. :P)

Anyway, as I was saying with the Dopak skin, there are five parts of a head mod, not including all the .2da editing, which is done by the TSL Patcher for this mod (of course :P). I'll start with the head skin: it's Taepalae. Shem didn't make any changes, and this sort of thing is really a matter of preference anyway. As for dark side transitions, instead of the zombie look, you'll get a pair of Sith eyes. There are custom portraits, one light side, one dark...though she kind of looks evil in both. :P Custom underwear is the same as Brianna the Handmaiden's, since they have the same skin tone, and for clothes Shem used a reskin of the Twin Sun outfits. There's a bit of a problem with the latter in the character creation screen, but after that it's fine.

That was five things, right? :P

As I said with the Dopak mod, if you're interested in trying something new for a change, give this a download. You'll need WinRAR/7zip to extract the files, and be sure to select the SWKotOR2 folder--not the Override folder--when you run the TSL Patcher. Enjoy! :)

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Download 'playable_taepalae.7z' (493KB)


Title: Playable Taepalae
Author: Shem
Date Released: 6/10/08

Description: Remember Taepalae?  She’s a mercenary on Dantooine that you find at the ruins of the Jedi Enclave with holes that Malak blew through it.  She was also was given a unique don’t mess with me look that I really liked and thought the head was a good idea for a female Exile.  This head has been requested by many to be released, so here it is.

Well, I finally released my work for this head and personalized it a little for you to enjoy.  As many of you know I’m an anti-zombie looking dark side transitions person and this head is no exception.  The only thing this new playable head will have when fully turning to the dark side is Sith colored eyes.

This mod comes with custom portraits, Handmaiden style underwear when she is found on Ebon Hawk, and her own custom Twin Suns style clothing that I think looks better than the commoner clothing that you usually find on the Exile.

If you choose to use the Taepalae head, another alternate head will take the place of Taepalae when you see her on Dantooine.  That way the Exile won’t be a clone of Taepalae.  If you later choose another head while having this mod installed, Taepalae gets her default head back.

Important Note: When selecting the head from the menu while starting a new game, keep in mind that if you don’t see the Taepalae head at random selected, her default clothing texture will be funny looking as it will try to work with the commoner clothing model.  It’s no big deal as this glitch is only there when in the selection process.  Once you start your game it will be fine.

Instructions: The TSL Patcher will be used to make these changes.  Use the “Playable Taepalae.exe” to install the mod.  Make sure you select the folder where you installed your game, not the override folder itself because the Patcher is looking for the dialogue.tlk file.


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