Prequel Style Robes

Fans of the prequels should be happy with this very large set of prequel-inspired robes - 28 in all. There are various color combinations to...


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Fans of the prequels should be happy with this very large set of prequel-inspired robes - 28 in all. There are various color combinations to choose from, and Shem has also gone as far as to include customized robes for each trainable (or Jedi) member of your party. Even Bao-Dur has a special "Jedi robe" (armor that acts as a robe, since he can not wear them). The robes have modified stats and come in a pretty wide variety of colors, though the colors seem restricted to something a Jedi might actually consider wearing. Sorry, no Hawaiian robes!

Still asking yourself why you should download this mod? Each customized robe has some very good (but not unbalanced) stat bonuses and perks. They are-- Ha, you didn't think I was going to tell you, did you? Go play and find out for yourself! That's half the fun anyway ;).

Just as a note, this is mod is best played starting from a new game if you want the greatest effect as quickly as possible with as few complications as possible. This also contains a fix for older versions for a bug concerning Bao Dur's robe.


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Title: Prequel Style Robes
Author: Shem
Date Released: 5/30/06

Description	: Thanks to Darth Moeller, Achilles, Oldflash, & Svösh, I was able to make 28 new robes to enhance the game.  Also in this mod, I have changed all of the robe .uti files.  Each robe has new modified stats.  I also have changed every robe that had was using a master robe to the Padawan style.  In addition, each of your party members have their own robe that only they can use.  The Exile also has his/her own robe.

Kreia and Visas just have robes to give them stat boosts since the other members do.  It will not change their looks.  I did give Bao-Dur his own clothes that act as a Jedi robe.  They look like armor, but do not restrict Force Powers or dexterity and they come with modified stats to enhance Bao-Dur.

Your party member robes will drop in your inventory when they enter your party.  Atton, Mical, Mira, and Brianna also will have a Sith robe drop in your inventory for those who will use them for the Dark Side.  The Exile's Jedi and Sith robes are on the Harbinger.  You'll find them on the corpse of a Republic soldier.

This mod is compatible with my Real Names Mod where the Disciple's real name is Mical, and the Handmaiden's real name is Brianna.  There are other little surprises in the game that I will let you explore and find out.

Comments: Comments, and feedback are always good.  If you wish to tell me what you think, do it in the LucasForums at Taris Upper City Emporium. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

A Very Special Thanks	: Thanks to Darth Moeller, Achilles, Oldflash, & Svösh for making this possible.
*DarthMoeller for the use of the tabbards from his Movie Style Jedi Robes Mod*
*Oldflash for the use of the belts found in his Jedi Robe mod*
*Svösh for his remapped Jedi Robes for TSL*
*Achilles for releasing the templates*

Instructions: Put all the files in the override directory folder in the SWKotOR2 folder and enjoy the new robes.  Svösh's collar fix is included in this mod so it will work properly.  If you do not have a override folder, just create one.

Terms of Use: If you want to use the work I have done in a future mod, just please give me credit for what I did.  Also give credit to Darth Moeller, Achilles, Oldflash, & Svösh for use of their templates.

Here are the codes to access each party member's robe
Atton - attonrobe
Mira - mirarobe
Disciple (Mical) - disrobe
Handmaiden (Brianna) - handrobe
Visas - visasrobe
Kreia - kreiarobe
Bao-Dur - baodur1

Here are the codes to the additional robes
Exile's Jedi Robe - exilejedi
Exile's Sith Robe - exilesith
Party Member Sith Robe - darkrobeparty


If the zip is corrupted, download this one:;9617372;/fileinfo.html

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