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Good news to those Kristy Kistic fans out there. She has graced the land of FileFront with another mod for us to play with for the game, [i...


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Good news to those Kristy Kistic fans out there. She has graced the land of FileFront with another mod for us to play with for the game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

As you progress in TSL to Nar Shaddaa, you have the option to have either yourself (if your PC is female), Mira, or the Handmaiden (if your PC is a male) to dance for Vogga the Hutt to earn some credits. This quest also will help you get a lightsaber part if some steps are taken before hand and know what to do after you are done dancing for Vogga. The big prize for men in this situation is getting a dancer’s outfit to keep because it makes any of your females that can wear it in your party look sexy. In fact, the original design of the dancer’s outfit by Obsidian reminds me of the slave outfit Princess Leia Organa wears in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Kristy brings us a whole new design to the dancer’s outfit. For one she gets rid of the skirt cloth that hangs off of the outfit to expose the body a little more to give any of your females a little more sex appeal. She also enhanced the breasts a little again to also give a little more sex appeal. There are two options of the new models to have either have the boots/shoes to be flat footed or have high heels.

There are 10 different textures to choose from for each race your female PC can be and also for Mira and the Handmaiden. There are some bonuses to these outfits you can find out what those are by checking out the readme and also to get these all the different options, you’ll have to cheat to get them since the author didn’t item place them. The codes when using the “giveitem” cheat is also in the readme.

For this release, Kristy also gave the option of Visas wearing the dancer’s outfit in a separate. There is a catch. It’s not programmed in the appearance.2da file by default for Visas to equip them. You’ll have to put that in yourself if you want it to be compatible. The author did put information in the Visas’ option folder on which row number Visas’ information is on, what model number to modify and what information you need to put in to make it work. If you don’t do that step to make it compatible, putting the dancer’s outfit on Visas will crash your game. This option does not change the fact that Visas will say no when asked to dance for Vogga just in case any of you are wondering.

Another great addition to the site by Kristy and I foresee this will be a hit. Enjoy the new modify dancer’s outfit! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'pvc_dancers_outfit.7z' (1.87MB)

Mod:        PVC Dancer's Outfit
Author:     Kristy Kistic
Game:       Kotor 2 TSL
Last Build: 01-07-2006

Contains 10 textures for each of the three races plus Mira and the Handmaiden. Contains two models as well. (I know brwarner recently released something similar to these models, but I was already in the middle of this mod so I'm including them anyway. Besides - you may prefer  brwarner's or ParasiteX's version - or maybe even the original model.) One model turns the boots into a heeled version ( the model height is not increased - I tried, but the bones didn't want to cooperate. Not to say that it isn't possible, but I got tired of messing with it. ) the other is without the heels. Both remove the 'skirtthing' and enhance the breasts somewhat. (Hey, it looks better to me.) I prefer the heeled version myself.

Pick which model (if any) to use and throw all the textures and uti's into the override. I suggest creating a sub folder and throw everything into it. It helps me to keep track of mods this way.

The items are NOT placed in game. At this writing I have just gotten to Telos in TSL, so I'm not going to place anything at this moment. Perhaps in a future update. (I started modding the game and stopped playing - hmm.)


(Base) Persuade +2
Wisdom: +5
Defense: +10 
Regeneration: 2
Regenerate Force Points: 2
Improved Saving Throws: All +2
Dexterity: +5

Cheats: (or use tk102's savegame editor - preferred method - although it may not see the items if they are in a sub folder.)

giveitem kk_dancer_51
giveitem kk_dancer_52
giveitem kk_dancer_53
giveitem kk_dancer_54
giveitem kk_dancer_55
giveitem kk_dancer_56
giveitem kk_dancer_57
giveitem kk_dancer_58
giveitem kk_dancer_59
giveitem kk_dancer_60

Hope you enjoy :)


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