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Ravager Rewrite

ravager_rewrite.rar —


Whoa, this could be a fun mod that was made by the great Zbyl2. By the way, I almost want to ask what ZBYL stands for. :p Anyway, this mod has been made for the second Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords game and it focuses on Darth Nihilus’ invasion of the planet Telos and the Exile is sent to stop the Dark Lord, or so we thought…

Okay, the Exile does stop the Dark Lord, but not in the way you think as the author has twisted how this scene plays out with some restored content. What happens is Visas and Mandalore go to the Ravager alone without the Exile there. He/She is still fighting on Telos during that time. Later before the confrontation with the Dark Lord, the Exile joins in and that is where things get interesting. To get an idea how interesting it will become, just look at the screenshots.

The TSL Patcher will install this mod. I do hope that the author releases a version with all the restoration and changes except that the Exile does go with them for the sake of those who like having their player character there. I’m sure many people will like the new change and love the idea of the challenge of using both just Canderous and Visas. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




NAME: Ravager rewrite
AUTHOR: zbyl2
CONTACT: PM me at lucasforums

Description: You will send Visas and Mandalore to Ravager while Exile still fights on Citadel Station. Of course, Exile will join them later as he still have to kill Nihilus. I made it that way as it was bit strange when in vanilla game Mandalorians were calling me "Mandalore" during placing proton cores on ship, it was also strange when shortly after your arrival there's scene with Mandalore, and player isn't present in it. Makes more sense now.
So, Visas and Mandalore are placing proton cores and later player join them to kill Nihilus... that's not all changes. I also restored a lot of cut lines in Nihilus' conversation, like becaming his apprentince, also added some effects like it was suggested in gameplay programmers' notes. You will also find restored conversations between Mandalore and Visas.

Double click Ravager rewrite.exe and use install button.
If you are using Ultimate Sabers Mod (USM), remember to copy all fies from USM PATCH folder into your  override folder. If you don't have USM installed, ignore this step.
Also, if you are using The Sith Lords Content Restoration (mod wasn't released YET, but there's no point of maing patch later, right?), copy file from TSLCR PATCH folder into your override folder. If you don't have TSLCR installed, ignore this step.

If you have any mods that edits anything on Ravager, go to your override folder and make sure none of those files is there: 852end.dlg, 852nih.dlg, k_852visas.ncs, 851dem.dlg, 852sacri.dlg, a_nihilus.ncs, a_sacrifice.ncs.
Also please remember, that if you have any other mod to edit Ravager (reskins excluded), Ravager Rewrite MUST be installed as second.

If you find any please, contact with me.

DSTONEY642000 - beta testing, lot of help
MMCrai - beta testing
swfan28  - little bit of scripting help

This mod may be used without the explicit of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author.

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