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Well here it is, Obiwan3001's latest and greatest recruitment release. This one features more options, more dialogs, and more was to become...

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Well here it is, Obiwan3001's latest and greatest recruitment release. This one features more options, more dialogs, and more was to become the DS fiend or LS angel you have waited to become. Now seriously though this mod is really cool, first off it allows you to recruit Obiwan3001 how cool is that! Second it has more ways to give you DS and LS points which as we all know is a great thing in itself, and third is that the character can now make you lightsabers that are truely fit for a jedi. No more of those whimpy little butter knives that Bao-Dur gives you.

This mod not only features new things but does reveal some cool things that Obiwan3001 is planning on doing with this character! First off in the submission it states that the next couple versions should have some vioce acting (like Inyri's), and will also have some awesome options that are fully based on which side your character is on, thier gender, and what they have done in the game to get them where they are! Now I do have to warn you guys about a couple of things, this mod may be a little tempermental at times especially with the dialog so be careful and make sure you do not make Obiwan3001's character mad when he is on the darkside and when you have a weak character or a character near death because he will attack you! Anway though awesome recruitment mod Obiwan3001 and I hope we can expect some more new great things to come from this. Now to all of you always...Enjoy!:D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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NAME RecruitObiwan Version 1.0

Description: This is my own recruitment, it recruits ME Obi-Wan With custom items he uses. Also he becomes your new jedi master.And othere features coming in later versions.

Comments : Thanks to litridl for teaching me how to script and add that effect to my mods. Dementous for some ideas.

Whats in Version:

1.0: First Non-beta recruitment of me, he has some dialog and a Lightsaber Building Feature.

Bugs: The dialog doesn't only go once, its the same dialog again and again.
      Also Somtimes Obiwan will speak Bao-dur's lines.
      Youngling doesn't hold a lightsaber but has animetions
      These are a few ones easily seen.

Whats going to be fixed next in V2

Obiwan will have more dialog, to be unlocked, and dialog won't repeat itsself
Soon i will get a Voice Actor
New younging dialogs,and Exstra NPC's on the ebon hawk as story progresses

Soon obiwan will react to Darth Dementous, and have confrontations!

Not supported by Makers of kotor2, enjoy my mods fellows.

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