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I always kind of liked Dustil Onasi, Carth's son, from KotOR1, despite the small part he played. For those who played through all of Dustil'...


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I always kind of liked Dustil Onasi, Carth's son, from KotOR1, despite the small part he played. For those who played through all of Dustil's storyline on the light side, you may remember that he promised Carth he would meet him on Telos. This mod puts him right there, and he will join your party!

This mod, created in tandem by Princess Artemis and Jiara, will allow you to recruit Dustil Onasi into your part on Telos if you set Revan to the light side when you talked to Atton on Peragus. What some of you may not like is that Dustil will replace HK-47 in your party, however HK-47 will still be onboard the Ebon Hawk and you will still be able to repair him and talk to him and all that jazz. He simply won't join your party.

Dustil features all custom dialogue, though no voiceovers so you'll want to make sure your subtitles are turned on (unless you want to be confused). He has a total of 9 cutscenes, 8 of which will be seen in any given game, and will interact with you and your game from the time you recruit him up until the end of the game. This full integration makes this particular recruit mod an excellent mod to have, especially if you would prefer another Jedi in your party rather than a droid.

That's right, Dustil is a Jedi. A Jedi guardian to be exact, and he is a duelist. Because Princess Artemis wanted him to be a duelist his left hand is unusable, so don't try equipping him with a saber staff or dual sabers. To balance this, Dustil comes already knowing a great number of feats, including having the full duelist tree, so having only that one saber won't be too big of a hassle.

In this particular version of the mod, several dialogue lines have been fixed where you would hear HK-47's lines rather than seeing Dustil's. Some minor bugs, but for a recruit mod these kind of bug fixes are an absolute must, as even a single incorrect line can irritate a hard-core player. The TSL patcher should make it a breeze to install this mod, and definitely make sure you read the information in the patcher before installing. Definitely one of those recruit mods you should look into getting.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'pa_k2_dustil_recruit_1_3.rar' (1.8MB)

Readme for NPC Recruitable Dustil:

Created by Princess Artemis and Jiara.

v1.3 -- fixes a few dialogues where Dustil spoke HK's lines.

This is just the basics.  Run TSLPatcher.exe and read the file.  It's not a good idea to ignore it; I know it's long, but it has much more useful information than this basic readme covers.  If you absolutely must, after running TSLPatcher, ignore the fuller readme and browse through your folders until you find the folder SWKotOR2.  The path will usually be Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2.

Dustil will only show up if you tell Atton that Revan was Light Sided.  There are other restrictions on the mod, but that's the major one; the rest you can discover on your own.  Dustil permanently replaces HK-47 and has extensive dialogue, cut scenes on the Ebon Hawk, reactions to different characters, and some other surprises.  He's a powerful character who, if you do recruit him, has a story that runs through to the endgame of TSL.

Potential compatibility issues:  This mod has a new lightsaber and color crystal.  That might conflict with other mods.  It *will* conflict with mods that use the Ebon Hawk cut scene scripts.  It will conflict with other mods that replace HK-47.  It will conflict with ChAiNz.2da's Kreia's Assorted Robes Collection v1.1, but there's a workaround for it.  It fixes two bugs--one bug fix is independently available from, the other I have permission from Razorfish to use the script from one of Team Gizka's fixes so it is not incompatible with it.

Really, do read the whole file that tells you about the mod when you run TSLPatcher.  It explains why there is a folder called Emergency De-Atton with this mod.

Ignore the included folder Source--it just contains the source for all the scripts used in this mod and is only of interest as a reference for modders.

If you have any questions, problems, or general yelling, complaints, compliments, or whatever, feel free to contact me at or Jiara at  Please do not alter this mod and upload it anywhere without my and Jiara's express permission. No infringment intended against the copyrights held by LucasArts, BioWare, or Obsidian.

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