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Making new selectable heads for us to play with the Knights of the Old Republic games is a fan favorite around here as modders continue to c...


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Making new selectable heads for us to play with the Knights of the Old Republic games is a fan favorite around here as modders continue to come up with new ideas for you all to use a different style of head selection for the main characters. One of the popular things to do is create new species to play as because the game makers of both KOTOR games only allowed you to play as a human. As long as they’re in demand, I would expect such a thing to continue.

With that said, ZimmMaster has brought a new male Twi’lek head to play with where he colored the head to be red for the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. What I’ve noticed with most people who like to make red Twi’leks is the bright contrast they put on the head and that trend has continued with this mod. One of the few times I’ve seen it where that hasn’t been an issue is when Prime released his Darth Talon mod. I would suggest modders to use how he did that mod as a reference in making red Twi’leks.

The mod comes with custom portraits and dark side transitions. Another trend with modders with these types of mods is how early the like their characters to show physical dark side changes. From what I’ve seen from the Star Wars movies, you really have to fall far to show signs and even then you don’t always. This mod also uses the TSL Patcher for installation which is very convenient for anybody to install as it installs the mod and saves minutes of work doing conversions in seconds for those who even know how to mod and convert manually. Enjoy! big grin

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Red Male Twi-lek Head mod v2 TSL by ZimmMaster

Description: This is a version 2 of my Male Twilek Head Mod TSL. The reason I made this one was because I missassumed I had permission to host the mod. This mod however is new and exclusively made by me. Since the permission issues were with TriggerGod I have been communicating back and forth with him since Thursday getting the permission issues resolved. However this is not the same mod. I completely remade it from scratch and this one has new features. The skin looks better and not looking like red color was just slapped on, the eyes on the non darkside head, the sith eyes on the first dark side transition, and best of all really cool portraits made exclusively by me. All in all I think this mod is the better than the preivious release and in fact the best mod I've made.

Installation: Run the TSL Patcher, select your TSL main directory NOT THE OVERRIDE FOLDER when prompted, and enjoy.

Uninstallation: Remove the files included in this mod from the overide folder.

Bugs: None, I hope. If any are found post them in comments or PM me at lucasforums.

Usage: Terms of Use are clearly stated in the rules section of my website located at

Credits: Fred Tetra for his amazing KOTOR Tool, and Stoffe for his TSL Patcher, TriggerGod who was BIOShazard for resolving the permission issues and helping me with the mod itself.

Enjoy the mod, ZimmMaster

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