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Reskins by Drizzt425

Ah, well this is interesting. Normally authors reskin the player character or the party members, but here Ian Brucezzt245 (also known as Dri...


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Ah, well this is interesting. Normally authors reskin the player character or the party members, but here Ian Brucezzt245 (also known as Drizzt425) offers a reskin mod that changes just about everything else. :D This mod changes the appearance of five different NPCs, as well as the Ebon Hawk.

The first changes are three different "beasts", as Kreia would say: the cannok, the drexl, and the zakkeg. The differences aren't noticeable immediately, but if you compare screenshots, you can see what's been changed. Mostly, it's the color. The cannonks now have a brown tone, in order to blend in with their environment. Drexls are also brown, which makes their green eyes stand out a lot more. And the zakkeg now has a red tone, which makes sense, as one of the Mandalorian scouts describes it as a big, red lizzard.

Next are the two droid reskins, HK-50 and the Mark II mining droid. These you'll notice right away. The HK-50s now have a bluer tone, though the gold eyes are still there. And the Mark II mining droids are now green.

Finally, the Ebon Hawk has received a makeover. Well, now it actually looks like it needs one. ;) The hull is covered in carbon scoring and dents, souvenirs from the damage it took before the game started. (Remeber the prologue? ;))

All in all, some very interesting changes. These things are really a matter of taste, so the only way to tell if you like it is to download and test it out. All of these changes will take effect immediately, so there's no need to restart your game or anything like that. However, depending on where you are in the game, you might not see all of these changes.

NOTE: Please leave comments or feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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This is a small reskin mod.

Basically what I did was I went and reskinned a bunch of things that i 
thought needed reskinng.

To Install:
Unzip with Winrar.
Put all files into the Override folder of the Star Wars Kotor 2 folder.
If you don't have a Override folder you should make one!

TO Unistall:
Simply remove all files from the Override folder.

YOu can use these files for private use but if you wanna use them in a 
mod you must ask me and give me credit if i let you use them. lolz

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