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What you do in the first game, you must do in the second game. Well, if it’s one of those mod types that can be done with both Knights o...


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What you do in the first game, you must do in the second game. Well, if it’s one of those mod types that can be done with both Knights of the Old Republic games, and you have both games to mod, I always suggest that anybody should do their mod idea for both games.

One of the things Obsidian did was import most character you saw in the first Knights of the Old Republic game over to the second game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. There were a few exceptions that didn’t make the game which were party members like Mission, Zaalbar, Jolee, and Juhani. Even Sand People made the cut if you can figure that one out. One of the characters that made it over to TSL was Darth Revan the models that come with the Dark Lord.

So here we go again. Kristy Kistic brings us her Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords version of her cape-less Darth Revan robe models. This comes with the fixed Force Powers so they don’t come out of the feet anymore, but the hands. It’s like I said in the previous review when I talked about this model. The cape is stiff as a board and nobody can figure out how to fix it, but modelers do know how to remove the cape. If it bothers you seeing the cape clip through the feet while running, then you want this mod. Also this mod again carries an optional feminine version of Darth Revan’s robes.

Keep in mind that this will not give you Revan’s robes. It’s meant to compliment any Revan’s Robe mod you may be using in your personal override folder. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Mod:				Revan Model Without Cape
Version:			1.0
Author:			Kristy Kistic
Game:			Kotor 2 TSL
Original Release:		April 28, 2008
Last Build:			April 28, 2008

This mod removes the cape from the Revan models and also includes the restoration of all the helpers (meaning force lightning won't emanate from the feet.) Includes the masked Revan model, the male and female models, and my more feminine Revan model. And the shaders are there this time :)~

Please note: These are the model files only! ( They go in your override. ) This mod will not give you the ability to actually wear Revan's robes. There are plenty of other mods available that do that part.

Usage: Drop the model files into your override folder. You will have to choose between the normal female model and the more feminine model - you can't use both. Any texture that is actually made for the Revan models will work with these.

Removal: Simply delete them.

Hope you enjoy and may Jesus bless you :)


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