Revenge of the Sith



The final battle I would say that it is one of the most epic moments in the game besides when Kreia drains the Force from the Jedi masters in the enclave. Although this level is cool and filled to the brim with obsticles it was always missing that special something and what is it you ask...Well more evil of course. Ok now here is where I get serious, I just got this mod from Obiwan3001 and I have to say I am liking the idea he has with this more and more. This mod actually changes the lightsabers Kreia (Darth Traya) controls at the end of the battle into Darth Revan (My absolute favorite Sith Lord:D), Darth Malak (The one who I hate because he tried to kill my favorite Sith Lord:furious: ), and the weak yet evil Darth Bastila (I don't really have anything to say about her!:D). Now not only does it do that I think this gives Kreia some new dialog options too when you talk to her, anyway though this mod is defiantly cool and something that will give the game more of evil array of Sith Lords to fight also I think that Obiwan3001 added in some new stats to the character that will be the lightsabers so it should make the final battle loads more interesting. Anyway enjoy people!;)

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Author, Obiwan3001
Size 2kb
simple mod
Name: RotS = revenge or the sith
THanks to,me and Darth cor, MasterCade

Comments simple it should change the floating sabers from the final fight with kreia into old friends from kotor one
as requested by MasterCade, also send any new mod suggestions/ideas to me at [email protected]

Bugs, not that i know of start a new game if it doesnt work

not support by bioware, or lucas arts use at your own risk

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