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It is a Story Line mod for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords. The mod replaces the storyline and gives it a whol...

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File Description
It is a Story Line mod for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords. The mod replaces the storyline and gives it a whole new one. There will be new weapons, new party members, new enemies, new planets, and even new CGI cutscenes. The setting of the mod is a few hundred years after the destruction of the empire so it is not related to the KOTOR storyline. The mod also features voice acting, and music from the original trilogy as well as the prequels.

This is the demo to the mod described above. There are some missing voice files and some voice problems where there was supposed to be a hologram but it didnt show up. But all around the voice acting is pretty good. The mod is action packed and is a fun peak at the new mod soon coming out for KOTOR 2. Its short, but it is fun. A deffinit must download :).

Author's website: www.infinite-empire.org


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Hello and welcome to the Rise of the Sith Demo for TSL

Description: As many of you know I headed the Reign of the Sith mod for KOTOR 1 as well as began progress on A New Foe, however since our deadline was before KOTOR 2 we had too little time to get it done and we didn’t want to be like Obsidian and rush the hell out of it so we discontinued that. I was going to do something similar for TSL until I actually played it and witnessed the many horrors. So then I decided that I would not make an after ending mod but instead a mod with a completely new story completely unrelated to TSL. So now I am making a mod called Star Wars: The Rise of the Sith. It is a light side mod so its something different from what I have done in the past. The basic storyline is, the sith have been defeated for centuries and the lack of need for jedi has caused the order to be disbanded. What really was happening was the sith were in hiding and now that the Jedi are gone have decided to resurface, but quietly. They hit a damper in their plans when a merchant vessel orbiting Yavin spots one of their bases. The senate sends Adon Tann, a decorated war hero, and his new recruit, that’s you to go and investigate. In the beginning you start as you did in Kotor 1. Not a Jedi. You eventually reach Jedi but not in the beginning. I plan for this to be action packed and to give the player the experience they missed in TSL. At the moment i have begun work on the first level as well as the opening star wars stroller. I am still looking for people who want to help though.

Credits:GSCCC- Module Design/voice acting
	Kampher: Voice of Ace
	Nitros_Oxide: Voice of Senator

	Chris Hanel: Voice of Senator

	Harker: Voice of Admiral

	Lord Satasn: Senator

	Ellderon: Models

	Dan_P Fuller: Story Refinement
	Prime: For the Storm Trooper Armor

	Mono_Giganto: For the E-11 Blaster Rifle

	And a big thanks to my Beta testing team!

Installation: Just click on install to install the initial components. Then copy the folders 	      to your Kotor II TSL directory and let them override the files(dont worry 	              there are backups in the files). Go into your StreamMusic directory on your 	              Kotor 2 TSL directory and delete mus_main.wav(once again you will find the 	              backup in the bakcup file that you copied over after running the install 	                   program.) Then your done!

Uninstallation: Go to your start menu, and go to Rise of the Sith then run the uninstall 		program to uninstall all of the intitial components. Then go to your lips 		folder then to back up and copy the two files, then past them in your lips 		folder and let them overwrite the files. Then go into your StreamMusic 		folder and go into the backup and copy the mus_main.wav and put paste it 		back in the StreamMusic folder. Now go into your StreamSounds 	folder in 		your SWKotOR2 directory and go into the backup file and copy those 				files and paste them back in your StreamSounds directory in your SWKotOR2 			directory and overwrite the old ones. Then your done!

Play Instructions: When you go to play, just click new game. Keep in mind that when you are 	           at class selection:

	Jedi Guardian = Soldier
	Jedi Sentinal = Scout
	Jedi Consular = Scoundral
		    You will see what you chose after you click on the class to confirm.


PERMISSIONS: Due to the fact that this mod has items in it made by other modders as well as 	     is made by a large group of modders, all items in this mod are restricted for 	     public use without first consulting the modders for permission.

CONTACT: Forums: http://infinite-empire.org/phpBB2/index.php
		 Hotmail: mchucknrex@hotmail.com
	         AIM: CMacMan888
		 Website: www.infinite-empire.org


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