Sion's Arrival to Peragus Fix



During the beginning of the game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Darth Sion makes an early appearance. The Exile will be trying to find a way to escape from Peragus and at a certain point a cut scene will trigger. The game is originally designed to have a Bink style video to play out that scene. What if that was changed based on content that was already in the game?

Zbyl2, a master of restoration mods has returned with something different to enjoy. What happens is you still see the Harbinger arrive in a Bink video, and then the game cuts Darth Sion in the Harbinger meditating around a bunch of dead Republic soldiers that is actually in your game. After you see the part where Sion meditates, it cuts back to another Bink video to finish out the scene.

The quality of seeing Sion in the game instead of the Bink video will be better quality in your game. If you really want to see Sion’s meditation scene first without downloading the game to see if you like this idea of a mod, turn on your game and warp to this module using the code: warp 154HAR.

The videos you will install into the game will not replace anything, so if you decide later after installing the mod that you want to go back to the original way, just remove the scripts from the mod and you’re good to go. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




NAME: Sion's arrival to Peragus fix
AUTHOR: zbyl2
CONTACT: PM me at lucasforums.

DESCRIPTION: It change scene with Sion meditating in the bridge of Harbringer from BIK movie into in-game cutscene. In normal game, the quality of this movie was terrible, it looks much better now. Part of BIK movie with flying Harbringer was changed into two separate BIK movie, first is playing before Sion's meditating scene, second just after (as it was in normal game).
Included source files for modders if they want to make their mods compatible with main.

INSTALLATION: Install PerMov0* from movies folder in .rar file into movies folder in your KOTOR II directory.
Install 154HAR.mod from modules folder in .rar file into modules folder in your KOTOR II directory.
Install all .ncs files from override folder in .rar file into override folder in your KOTOR II directory.

UNINSTALLATION: Go to override folder and delete files:
Next go to modules folder and delete file 154HAR.mod.
Now go to movies folder and delete files PerMov08.bik and PerMov09.bik.

BUGS: Contact me if you'll find any.

PERMISSIONS: Fell free to use it, edit it, upload it on other sites or do with it whatever you want BUT give me credits.

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