Sith Brawler Armor

This mod adds a number of new items to the game, one of which is a robe with a new skin. That in itself is done well enough, though I think...


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This mod adds a number of new items to the game, one of which is a robe with a new skin. That in itself is done well enough, though I think it would look better if the red was a less bright hue.

The stats for the items, however, are quite overpowered. In addition to making the wearer immune to death, they also provide pretty out-of-whack bonuses such as +10 to Charisma. I'd tone those down some, but otherwise the mod isn't too bad.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon

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Heyyyyyyyyy Filefront Community,
this is my first Mod.
And I Decided that I just HAD to make an armour set.
Sure, no one really goes around as an evil Sith without their trusty
red lightsaber.
Well, I guess if you downloaded this I guess you probably did.
Sith Brawler
Follows the Sith Teachings but Shun lightsabers and blasters.
okay how to install. 
Move everything into the Override.
The Skin for the Sith Brawler Armor will Replace the Jal Shay Armor so if you don't want that dont put:

if you want the items they cannot be picked up anywhere.
I don't know how to do placeables.
you can get them by activating cheats
by going into
My Computer-Program Files-LucasArts-KotORII-swkotor2config.
Then scroll down to Game Options and type right under that
then when you go in you hit the "~" key and type in the Codes
Under here.

Item IDs
Sith Brawler Neophyte Armor= Giveitem a_robe_32 1
Sith Brawler Response Package= Giveitem e_imp1_65 1
Sith Brawler Electrostaff= Giveitem w_melee_67 1
Sith Brawler Belt= Giveitem a_belt_45 1
Sith Brawler Gloves= Giveitem a_gloves_56 1
Sith Brawler Armbands= Giveitem a_shield_36 1
Wrist Launcher= Giveitem g_i_wristlaunch
(The Response Package allows you to use it so I'm putting it here FYI)

I know I could work on the skins a bit more.
maybe I might re release after I get a bit better at modding.
if you need to contact me about the mod, or any issues, comment the download page or send to
be warned, not check very often.
so don't expect something to change in a day or to, actually don't even expect a week or 2.
and so on.

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