Sith Lords in the Streets

Well I know most of you think that Sith Lords disconnect from the society around them and in someways that is true, but these Sith Lords are...


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Well I know most of you think that Sith Lords disconnect from the society around them and in someways that is true, but these Sith Lords are very different or at least Mandalorian16965 made them different. Now you can find an army of poetentially deadly Sith Lords roaming the streets of Telos as if you were not there. Anyway what this mod actually does is just changes the appearence of all of the commoners in those modules and makes it look like an alternate reality of what Telos actually does look like. Also you may have seen a previous mod that does this that Mandalorian16965 did, and if you haven't here is a recap...

Ever wanted a humorous mod? Well, look no further than this one. The title cracked me up because I had an idea where this mod was going. Then I read the description and busted out laughing.:lol: Then of course I checked out the screenshot and busted out laughing even more.:lol: This mod will definitely lighten the mood.

Mandalorian16965 brings us a new mod that has all the clothing variants turn you into a gizka (except g_a_clothes01) for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. No bonuses are given to any of these new modified items, which is very unusual for the author. However, in this case, that’s fine since it’s a humorous mod and it’s meant for when you go around the galaxy to the different worlds, you see the commoners turned into gizkas. I do know that there are times you fight different opponents that wear commoner clothing and I tested that part out for the fun of it to see a gizka try to take you down and they have no shot in the world in doing so. Also keep in mind that the Disciple and the Handmaiden also come with the clothing variant #7, so they will look like Gizkas when they join your party unless you have modified their UTC file. Also all the handmaiden sisters in the Polar Region will be gizkas because they also use clothing variant #7. Just giving you all a heads up in what to expect with some things in this mod. The different clothing variants that give you the gizka option is, giveitem g_a_clothes02-12. Enjoy the mod.:D

Now like Shem said up in that quote these mods are humorous, so I must warn you all that this may cause slight tingling of the "Funny Bone", watering of the eyes, and extreme hilarity in some rare case. So if you experience any of those symptoms please call your nearest Jedi Knight and be sure not to induce :r (vomiting). Above all though...Enjoy people!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Author- mandalorian16965

description- a humor mod turnes the commoners on the streets to sith lords

installation- polp THE FILES in you override folder
plz dot repost this without my permission

this is not made by bioware or lucasarts and  no danages or losses are the responsibility of the author

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