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Here we got one of Oldflash’s oldest skin packs for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This is a good choice of a mod i...


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Here we got one of Oldflash’s oldest skin packs for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This is a good choice of a mod if you are totally bored of the default looks or bored of any other skins you are using currently and just want something totally new to create new interest in your game playing. Each of the skins or modifications that the author made are organized into folders so you know which changes you want to install or just take off of them if you want all the changes.

Bao-Dur and his remote are changed. Bao-Dur has new clothing skins, and his own custom armor with a skin made by the author while the remote has a different modeled look to it and new skin covering. The HK-50 and HK-51 units have new skins. The HK-50 units have a much darker sinister skin to make them look more intimidating, and the HK-51 units have more of a gray look to him, but also have gold colored trim to their armor plating. Just clarify to those who are confused, HK-51 units were cut from the game. However, when the TSLRP is finished, they will be restored in the game, thus you can use the skin the author made when it is finally released. Oh, you can be creative if you want to use it now and rename the TGA file to replace the HK-50 unit’s skin. It’s your choice. ;) Speaking of HK units, HK-47 has his junkyard look made by the author in this pack and has some statistical changes made.

Kreia has been changed to the Darth Traya model and has a custom skin made by the author. This is for use when she is suppose to have both of her hands and when she’s suppose to have lost her left hand to Darth Sion. Of course that also means she can use two handed weapons if so desired after he run in with Sion.

If you still like using those default lightsaber hilts by Bioware, never fear this pack includes new skins for the hilt models. Also there are new lightsaber blade skins made. Oh, there are some new mask models that replace some of the old ones that you can play around with. Those creatures you run into commonly on Dxun and other planets have new skins and some of them have altered models with those skins to give you something totally new to surprise you in your play through.

One thing Oldflash put in that may attract your interest is some new underwear skins for the female PC’s and Visas Marr. Some new selectable heads for the males replacing some of the default ones we’re used to. The author used familiar heads, included Gadon Thek (the Hidden Bek leader on Taris if you forgotten who he is).

This mod includes some .2da changes and some model alterations (I mentioned this part already). The .2da files will need some editing if you are using the same file names in your override. Oldflash has listed in details which changes are made in his readme so you can find them and make them compatible with your personal override by using the KOTOR Tool. Have fun with this mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (19.06MB)

Skin Pack 
in this mod I have made some change for few character/beast and add few new items
For most of reskin is no need to start a new game. 

-acbonus.2da set tech ac identical with jedi weaponmaster
-exptable.2da exp 540000=level 50 (before malachor)
-influence.2da 100 for droids and 75 for npcs (aviable on new game)

-appearance.2da (list of modification)
***line 35;351;352 (mandalorians) col. envmap=>cm_baremetal
***line 3;538;539 (hk droid class) col. envmap=>cm_baremetal
***line 571 (Droid_SensorBall) col. envmap=>cm_baremetal / col. moverate=>fast / equipslotlocked=>****
***line 462 (mandalore) equipslotlocked=>****
***line 600;627 (kreia) equipslotlocked=>****

*** now you can can equip kreia with double blade weapon, change armor on mandalore (without changing look), equippable remote (on malachor V)
*** shines mandalorians, hk class droids, remote

-Bao-Dur reskin (body)
-Baodur Armor with good defense bonus ("bao_dur_armor.uti" - does not restrict force power - use giveitem cheatcode)
- remodel and reskin Bao-Dur's remote (can equip. with droid items on malachor)
- improved stats (imunity Stun, Fear, Horror, Paralysis, poison,regeneration +4, dexterity +10, hp:350, level27, AC+5, fast movement rate,reflex +10)
- is equipped with: 
*** "remote multi-spectral emiter" (d_device_90.uti: unlimited uses, dmg:100 energy/DC24+lv for half-dmg);
*** "remote unity grid" (d_shield_90.uti: unlimited uses, absorbs:energy, sonic, cold, heat, ion 110pts-200seconds or max. dmg taken); 
*** "remote energized armor" (d_armor_90.uti: defense bonus 14, 10/- vs bludgeoning/piercing/slashing, reflex+5) (no special description for items); 
*** mandalorian ripper and mandalorian distruptor. 

Note: Special stats and equip. is aviable if this mod is instaled before you go to telos surface 

-reskin and replace peragus mk1 droid with mines droid
-reskin and replace peragus mk2 droid with construction droid
-reskin for hk50, hk51

-changes on hk47 stats:
*** Attribute bonus dexterity +4;defense bonus +2;imunity stun, fear, horror, paralysis, poison;regeneration +4 (need to install mod before peragus escape - first time when you enter on ebon hawk)
*** patch texture and icon for HK47

-replace kreia with darththraya remodeled and reskined 
-chane color for all lightsabers (movie style - white core and color glow)
-remodel and reskin 5 masks/headbands

-reskin and replace cannok with Kataarn
-reskin and replace drexl (onderon palace) with Malbeast (malachor V)
-reskin and replace maalrass with Iriaz 
-reskin plasteel cylinder, boma, zakkeg
-reskin and replace dark jedi low model with SithCommando
-reskin and replace spacesuit with SpaceMan suit
-reskin for cloth (male and female)
-reskin for Czerka Droid, Czerka Officers, Atris
-reskin one bilboard from telos (exterior cantina's wall)
-replace 5 system textures 
-replace model and texture for all pc's/npc's underwear
-replace 4 heads for pc (selectables)

Space request 61.865 mb

Special 10x:
Fred Tetra for KotorTool 
cchargin for mdlops 
Chainz.2da for hack-pad (really good tool for moders) 
Holowan Labs for tutorials (posted on Lucas forum page) 

terms: free for use, for anythink else ask.

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