Skip Peragus



This mod allows you to skip past Peragus in TSL. Try it out. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed by this little mod.



Author:	SuperSquall
Date:	March 4, 2005
Mod:	Skip Peragus v1.2

This mod allows you to skip through the vast majority of Peragus.  To use it just start playing through the game as you normally would, but follow the instructions that you receive from the Medical terminal, and later on the Security terminal.  If you do you'll get to Telos in under fifteen minutes.

This mod is designed to avoid skewing the game balance as much as possible, but I do give out a lightsaber (and color crystals) and a pair of weak Jedi Robes, and I do this for the sole reason that it is morally wrong to have to wait until you are done Peragus, Telos, and a third planet to get a lightsaber.

If you have installed a previous version of this mod then delete all of your existing files before installing the new.

Version 1.1 of this mod corrects two small problems, one involving the force chain feat, and one other involving a global boolean connected to Visas.  It's all good now.

Version 1.2 adds one item for T3M4 that I didn't know was unique.

In this RAR file there is a directory called "Override".  Just put everything in that directory in your KOTOR 2 Override directory.  If you haven't created a folder called "Override" in your KotOR 2 directory than just copy the folder into your KotOR 2 directory.  Once you've done that you'll be ready to go.  Start a new game and play away.

Delete all of the included files from your override directory.

If this mod isn't compatible with any other Mod it is a freak co-incidence.

Thank You:
On this mod in particular: Fred Tetra (KT), TK102 (KSE), RedHawke (Scripting help), and XCom.  Big thanks to everyone else at Holowan, as pretty much all of the regulars there are extremely helpful for all modding.

Use of this mod is at your own risk.  By using this mod you accept responsibility for what it does.  If this mod causes your life (or any part of it) to go bad, it isn't my fault.

You can contact me (SuperSquall) at LucasForums in the Holowan Laboratories Forum:

If you want to start modding, request a mod or just hang out with the Modders then Holowan is the single best place to visit.

Skuz Skeetius

4 years ago

This mod actually worked for me! So grateful to have found one that works seeing as how the upload on the nexus does not.