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So we started with Skip Peragus for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, then we get Skip Taris for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. Obiwan3001 wanted to get into the act with skipping areas, so now we get Skip Telos, the area you do next after Peragus for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

The author didn’t like going through Telos, so he thought he should make a mod to get through it quickly. I do recall seeing people post messages about skipping through Telos also, so there will be some happy about it. I do understand the appeal of skipping through areas of the game. In the case of Telos, you’re still without your lightsaber and fighting with a lightsaber is a big part of why we love the KOTOR games. As for myself, I love doing the Telos part.

Well, you don’t skip the whole planet of Telos, you just skip the Citadel Station part. You still do the Restoration Area and the Polar Region. The mod almost should be called skip Citadel Station. The author clearly states in the readme that you will not get any extra items when you use this mod, just the opportunity to skip through Citadel Station.

Here is the thing about this mod, the author makes it clear if you do not have Atton and Kreia in your party, your game will crash when you meet up with Bao-Dur. Of course I can’t see why you wouldn’t have Kreia and Atton, but just in case you don’t. Also you need to go and get your gear back from the TSF before you use this function. You must *read* the README file before using this mod or you will be lost or you could screw up your game. Enjoy the mod.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




This is a mod for KOTOR2

Author Obiwan3001
Name SkipTelos

Description, I always hated going through telos, even more Peragus, but with Skip peragus, you get plenty of items and othere stuff.
So i just made a Change to let you skip Telos, only thing is, you won't get any items from this skip, like Give and take mod.

Comments: You must have Kreia and Atton in your party when you skip, or game will freeze at Bao-Dur (or Obiwan with my mod) Standing over you.

To get this Skip.
Do the following

After you are released by the TSF from your appartment,
Goto a Information Terminal Around anywhere.
Download area map.
Leave this Area goto a new Information Terminal

Select on there Skip Telos, or anything similer.

Make sure you got your items from the TSF.

Also when you get back to telos, later for the Nihilus part, don't use the terminals.

Not supported by Kotor2 makers. ENJOY!!!

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