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Downloading this mod will give you the option of making your allies multiclass - prestige Jedi Classes.

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Author:	SuperSquall
Date:	March 6, 2005
Mod:	Prestige Padawans v1.2

In KotOR II you will be given the option of training many of your allies to become Jedi Knights.  By default each character is set to become a basic Jedi class - this mod gives you the option of making your allies multiclass to Prestige Jedi Classes.  If an ally has an alignment of over 70 (light side) they will become the Jedi Prestige class, if they have an alignment of below 30 (dark side) they will become the Sith prestige class.  Anything in the middle and they will become the basic Jedi Class.  When they become Jedi you will also be given a brand new robe that is character specific (so when Atton becomes a Jedi you will get a robe just for Atton).

Attempted to fix a bug that led to some players getting the robe but not the multiclass.

V1.1 revisions:
Attempted a bug fix that was in the script that prevented characters from becoming dark side classes.

In this RAR file there is a directory called "Override".  Just put everything in that directory in your KOTOR 2 Override directory.  If you haven't created a folder called "Override" in your KotOR 2 directory than just copy the folder into your KotOR 2 directory.  Once you've done that you'll be ready to go.  Start a new game and play away.

Delete all of the included files from your override directory.

There may be filename conflicts if you have other mods that add new robes.  If someone picked the same filenames as I did then you will have to decide which Mod you want, or Mod your way around the problem.

Thank You:
On this mod in particular: Fred Tetra (KT), and TK102 (KSE, scripting tutorials).  Big thanks to everyone else at Holowan, as pretty much all of the regulars there are extremely helpful for all modding.

Use of this mod is at your own risk.  By using this mod you accept responsibility for what it does.  If this mod causes your life (or any part of it) to go bad, it isn't my fault.

You can contact me (SuperSquall) at LucasForums in the Holowan Laboratories Forum:

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