Super Enhanced Mod Add On for both KOTOR & TSL



This mod adds some new features to Shem's Super Enhanced mod. Either 60 or 110 to be exact, depending on which game you use it for. Those that found the Super Enhanced mod to be a little too challenging might appreciate this update.

Some Changes:

  • Darth Bandon has been better balanced, and his armor will now be worth getting for K1
  • new additions to the unknown world for K1
  • Darth Nihilus has been enhanced to be more challenging for K2
  • Darth Sion has been enhanced to be more challenging for K2
  • additional content during the Darth Traya battle for K2
  • new items to protect you and help you get through the game for K2
  • hitting "recommended" for stats will now give you a stat boost, for those that find the mod a little too challenging, for both games
  • many other smaller surprises for both games

So if you want to try out this great mod, but are concerned it might be a little too strenuous, grab this add-on to make it a little more playable for the average gamer. After all, a mod just for the pros is no fun at all.




Title: Super Enhanced Mod Add Onfor both KOTOR & TSL
Author: Shem
Date Released: 9/16/06

Description: Before you download this mod, download the original first or you will be playing with a completely lop sided mod that won’t be any fun.


This is a add on to the original mod to add new enhancements, surprises, challenges and things at times to make life easier if you’re having trouble with the original mod.  KOTOR adds 60 new files and updates and TSL adds 110 new files and updates.  Feel free to let some files override each other because these will be the updated ones.

Some key changes/updates:

-Darth Bandon has been a little more equaled out and I found a way to make him a challenge when you face him on Manaan without scripting.  Darth Bandon on Manaan uses the same .utc tag name as the one on the Endar Spire, so it would cause a conflict depending on which one was modified.  I found a way around it so he’s a bit more challenging no matter where you face him.  Also Darth Bandon’s armor has been really enhanced enough to be worth wearing, or selling.
-The Unknown World now has some new twists to it.  Things will be totally different and challenging that was not there before.  Depending on which side you take with the Rakatan’s, depends on the surprise you get.  Play both sides to find out what surprises are there now.  One hint will be that it seems as if Jedi from the past left some secrets behind.
-Making your way through the Star Forge has just become more interesting with new surprises and challenges.

-Darth Nihilus has been enhanced for your confrontation with him on the Ravager.  He’s no longer the pansy he was when you faced him originally.  He’s really ready to take on three people (Exile, Visas, and Mandalore) at the same time and show us that he’s a force to be reckoned with.
-Darth Sion has been enhanced during your battle with him in the Trayus Academy.  It will be harder and take longer to defeat him.  If you love long lightsaber duels, this will really be a treat.
-Facing off against Darth Traya at the end adds a new surprise to the battle.  Find out what that is.
-More enhanced items for those who are getting gunned down too easily to help you stay alive longer if you need them.

Also, if you are having trouble getting through this mod for both games, I added an option when you start a new game to hit RECOMMENDED when choosing your attributes to give your PC a boost.  Some of you guys will be familiar with this idea from a previous mod I released.  If you’re fine with how your PC starts in either game, just don’t worry about it and choose your specific attributes.  Keep in mind there are other little surprises hidden.

Instructions: Put all the different types of files in the override directory folder and enjoy.  If you don't have one for TSL, just simply create one.  KOTOR already comes with one.  I marked each of the games folders to which files go into which game.  It very important to do it that way, or you will corrupt your games if you don't do it right.

Comments: Comments, and feedback are always good.  If you wish to tell me what you think, do it in the comment section.

Terms of Use: If you want to use the work I have done in a future mod, just please give me credit for what you used.


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