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UPDATE: Be sure to check out the Add On version to this mod!

Let me start out by saying this mod is not for the faint of heart. If you're not an experienced player, and by experienced I mean you're insanely good at the game, you won't want to get this mod. Why? You'll die a miserable death, likely early on in the game.

Now that I've completely scared everyone off, let's get to the nitty gritty bits of this mod. It's got a lot of changes, and veteran players should really enjoy them. I can't go over all of them, because there are too many plus Shem wants to leave you with some surprises (they're good surprises, by the way), so here's an overview:

Lightsabers: The basic premise of a lightsaber is it is a beam of energy that curves back on itself to create a blade. Now how could a blade of pure energy be less powerful than a slab of metal? Shem wondered the same thing. Sabers have been enhanced to do more realistic amounts of damage, plus they will add a +10 modifier to your blaster deflect skill. Base damages for both games are around 40-50. OMG UNBALANCED! No, not at all. As I go along you'll see why it's not unbalanced.

Blasters: How often does a stormtrooper take six blaster bolts before going down? Never! They're down on one shot usually, aren't they? Blaster fire is now beefed up to be deadly. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing - if you get shot, you're in trouble. Good thing - the same is true vice versa, plus that +10 modifier to blaster deflect will make you a lean mean blaster blocking machine, and if you deflect those bolts back at your enemies they're still beefed up and will make for a quick and easy kill.

Armor: The idea that wearing a heavy set of armor will block you from using the Force is rediculous. The Force extends beyond such silly physical limitations, and Shem agreed with this as well. As a result, armor will not longer restrict you from using the Force, regardless of what it is. Tired of being 'Forced' to wear those Jedi robes when you'd rather be off galavanting across the dune sea in Calo Nord's armor? No problem. Armor also doesn't penalize your dexterity any more, although I'm not quite sure that's more realistic than the way it originally was.

This mod makes several changes to pieces of Shem's older mods, so if you are prompted to overwrite any parts of any of Shem's other mods you may feel free to do so without hesitation. If you're a hardcore player I'd definitely recommend giving this mod a try.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


Also you will need the Ultimate Sound Mod for this to work properly. Make sure that is installed first before you install this mod and let the baseitems.2da file from this mod overwrite the one from the Ultimate Sound Mod. If you're not interested in that mod, you will still need to download it and get the cb_ls_powerup.wav, cb_ls_powerup1.wav, cb_ls_powerup2.wav, cb_ls_powerdown.wav, cb_ls_powerdown1.wav, and cb_ls_powerdown2.wav files. That way the double-bladed and short lightsabers make a on/off sound.



Title: Super Enhanced Mod for both KOTOR & TSL
Author: Shem
Date Released: 9/9/06

Description	: This is by far the biggest mod I've ever done and I made it for both KOTOR games.  This mod has 155 files to add for KOTOR and 240 files to add for TSL.  Before I talk more about what you're going to get, this mod is for ADVANCED users.  Basically if you're pretty good at playing both KOTOR games and it's gotten pretty easy, I have a surprise for you.

One of the things I did to enhance this mod to give people something that most people never had a chance to see is that I have taken out the dexterity limitations that armor would give you.  Like the heaviest of armor by default never allows you to have any of your dexterity bonuses.  This mod changes that.  So in this mod, if you had say your Dexterity is like 18.  That gives you a +4 Dexterity bonus, but if you use the heaviest of armors, that gets taken away.  Not anymore in this mod.

Another thing I did is that armor never restricts Force Powers anymore.  That's right, no matter what armor you are using, Force Powers are not restricted.  That always bugged me, especially when you fight a Sith apprentice like Darth Bandon and he's shooting out Force Lighting and then you kill him, put on his armor and somehow you can't use the same power.  Plus the armor doesn't look like the one he wore, but that's another issue.  I only modified one default piece of armor in both games and that's the Exar Kun armor.  It's now black and it's very heavily modified.  It's also a lot more expensive.  You can get it in K1 from a Korriban merchant, and it will show up from time to time in the TSL random loot.

Ever notice in both KOTOR games, sometimes by default (before any upgrades) that some melee weapons are more powerful than any lightsaber?  Okay, pure energy versus a piece of metal.  I don't think so.  This mod changes that.  This makes lightsabers the most powerful weapon.  Below is the energy damage by default, and my upgrade.

Short Lightsaber 2-12 (my mod 42-52)
Standard Lightsaber 2-16 (my mod 42-56)
Double-bladed Lightsaber 2-20 (my mod 42-60)

Short Lightsaber 2-16 (my mod 42-56)
Standard Lightsaber 2-20 (my mod 42-60)
Double-bladed Lightsaber 2-24 (my mod 42-64)

All lightsabers have a +10 bonus to your Blaster Bolt Deflection.  You're going to need it.  More on that later.  If you're wondering about upgrades, I've taken the damage bonuses, attack bonus, etc out.  The way I look at it, a blade that is "PURE" energy can't get more powerful with simple crystal update.  That's just my view.  Upgrades are basically good for changing lightsaber crystals for K1.  For TSL, I made the upgrades have different effects than making the lightsaber more powerful because some of the areas of the game are way more difficult than it is in K1 (due to some limitations).  So instead of putting more power in the lightsaber itself, it will give you like regeneration to your vitality, different types of attribute bonuses, Force regeneration, bonus feats, etc.  Basically things that can make the PC (or party members) more powerful, but not the lightsaber itself.  In TSL, that same principle applies with the upgrade components you can put in your lightsaber.  However, I did add an extra bonus with the same crystal in both games.  This crystal is an instant death crystal.  Put this crystal in your lightsaber and it gives you instant death properties to your lightsaber.  I won't tell you which one it is.  I'll let you figure it out for yourself.  Here's a hint, once you find out which one it is in one of the games, it's the same crystal in the other game.  I put in the description of this crystal calling it the "Crystal of DEATH" so you know when you found it.  In K1, you will find it for sure if you always check the loot.  In TSL, it's in the random loot, so hopefully it will show up in your game.

Blaster fire is way more powerful in this game.  It will have it's challenges, but it will also have it's advantages too.  Example of this in my personal game play is is droid starts shooting at me and I'm deflecting the lightsaber bolts back at the droid, by the time I get there to make an attack on it, it explodes before I get the change because the bolts were powerful enough to destroy the NPC opponent.  That reminds me of how it was in the Star Wars movies.  It makes it more realistic.  It also adds new challenges to the game and your strategies will change the way you approach some battles.  A lot of the weapon's upgrades have been changes or done away with, especially in K1.  The enhancements are in the blaster when you get it so you don't have to hunt for upgrades to make the blaster at full potential.  Basically it comes fully upgraded.

Some opponents have been enhanced, new ways to the way they will fight you from time to time will be different.  There are many surprises in this mod that I won't want to give away because I think of them as spoilers.  Kind of like when your PC in K1 found something out about his/her true identity if you catch my drift.  Basically I want to shock you.  I feel that way it gives new excitement to the games.  These games are old enough that a lot of the excitement has worn off and I want to revive that a little.  I promise it's worth it for me to hold that information back from you.

For those who have downloaded my mods before, I have snuck bits and pieces of some of my past mods in here from both games, so if you're it asks to overwrite any files from them, that's okay.  In fact, some of those have been updated, like my Mandalorian Assault armor.  The update is the new icons for them.  There are other ones from both games, but I don't want to say because I don't want to give away any surprises.  Some of you may figure out what they are when you see certain files get overwritten.  In some ways this will make game play easier at times, especially if you're taking on an single opponent that isn't really that powerful, but it will make the game harder and challenge you.


Instructions: Put all the different types of files in the override directory folder and enjoy.  If you don't have one for TSL, just simply create one.  KOTOR already comes with one.  I marked each of the games folders to which files go into which game.  It very important to do it that way, or you will corrupt your games if you don't do it right.

Comments: Comments, and feedback are always good.  If you wish to tell me what you think, do it in comments section. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Mod Compatibility: These mods are compatible with some other mods that use the baseitems.2da file.  This includes...

K1 Version
-Segan Wyndh Armor by ChAiNz.2da
-LB Waraxe Set by ChAiNz.2da

K2 Version
-Ultimate Saber Mod by T7, Darth333, ChAiNz.2da, Seprithro, and Svösh
-Dark Sword by ChAiNz.2da

Terms of Use: If you want to use the work I have done in a future mod, just please give me credit for what you used.


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