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Well, guess what guys and gals? Obiwan3001 has learned to script. Look out modding community because what he decides to do next will be in...


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Well, guess what guys and gals? Obiwan3001 has learned to script. Look out modding community because what he decides to do next will be interesting. I suppose you all will just have to keep returning to see what’s new from him. Everybody thank Lit Ridl for showing him how it's done.

Okay, on to the mod itself. I suppose this was sort of a test of what can be done from learning to script from the author’s end. What this does is add a container with lots of goodies near the control center on Peragus. What this mod will give you is four different melee weapons (Shyarn, Vibrosword, Gamorrean War Axe, and the Ryyk Blade), HK-47’s Assassin’s Rifle, couple of grenades, the Pheromone Package, Reflex Package, Cardio Package implants, booster shots, strong flash mine, the minor uniform, safety harness belt, Aratech SD Belt, Mandalorian Melee Shield, Entergy Shield, Insulated Gloves, Jay Shey Perception Gloves, Neural Band, Break Mask, the dancers outfit, the Light and Mandalorian Combat suits, security spikes and the Minor Uniform.

Oh, and some great news, all four HK-47 parts you need to repair him. That means you can repair him and use him for when you get to Telos. Oh, and one more thing. Two of the three lightsaber parts you need. You can get the third one when you are on Telos from either Czerka or the Ithorians depending on which side you choose. That way you can build your lightsaber as soon as you leave Telos, right when Bao-Dur asks you about why you don’t carry a lightsaber anymore. Then after that you can just talk to Bao-Dur and he will help you build it right then. Enjoy the mod everybody! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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AUTHOR OBIWAN3001 & litridl (he helped me alot)

DESCRIPTION: adds in a container with many item's inside ready to get on movin. it includes some items you would find any way on peragus, and 2 of the 3 needed lightsaber parts( not all 3 because if you help czerka or codo get a shuttle you get a part, then when you leave telos you can make one with bao-dur right away, if you have all 3 then the quest gets buged)
gives you the hk-47 parts to rebuild hk-47 in time to walk around telos with you, and other items taken from coorta because he was a bad boy XD.
This is somthing the people who don't like to use cheat codes alot and use the skip peragus mod, just run over to the admin consol and grab these then go skip peragus and your on your way, not needed tho.

Comments : this was a experiement of my basic skills with scripting right now, thats why i wasn't releaseing many mods right now because im working on my super recruitment.


litridl Thanks for all the help and trial and error scripting from me.

Dementous Just too cool :D

Not supported by kotor 2 makers, enjoy my mods !!

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