Taina's Replacer for KotOR and TSL

It's difficult, if not outright impossible, to actually review applications made by the community to help in the process of modding;...


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It's difficult, if not outright impossible, to actually review applications made by the community to help in the process of modding; almost always they are unique and there is very little to allow comparison or a frame of reference. This is certainly true of this programme, and as such, it is not intended to attempt to analyse its good and bad points here. This programme was originally released on PCGameMods, and the author has been generous enough to re-release it here.

Taina's Replacer Tool is an invaluable asset for many modelers in the KotOR community, and one of the more unique tools around. The tool allows the user to edit an replace vert co-ordinates on the model, while retaining the animations associated with it. This allows for a certain degree of editing of the model, such as in the few head model adjustments that you can see on the site.. The instructions for use can be found in the readme, which is both attached with the programme, and to be found below. It is advised to read them: the process involved is complex, and requires attentive following of the instructions provided.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

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Download 'replacerv10.zip' (274KB)

You needs:
	-3DMAX or gmax;
	-NWMax (to get models in and out of Gmax or Max);
	-mdlops v0.5;

Install: unzip anywhere.

Consecution of action - example:
	1) create the pfha04 folder;
	2) make a copy in this folder pfha04.mdl and pfha04.mdx;
	3) make pfha04-ascii.mdl using the mdlops.exe program;
	4) open pfha04-ascii.mdl in 3DMAX or gmax;
	5) remove all objects, which you not will be editing;

	6) edit the staying models (ONLY move the vertexes. The amount vertex, texture vertex  and polygons shouldn't change. I.e. operations are FORBIDDEN: "Create", "Delete", "Attach",  "Detach", "Weld" etc);
	7) export model as pfha04-ascii_new.mdl into pfha04 folder;
	8) run replacer.exe;
	9) click [Open ASCII Models] button;
	10) open pfha04-ascii.mdl;
	11) open pfha04-ascii_new.mdl;
	12) checks objects, which you want replace;
	13) click [Start Replacing] button;
	14) open pfha04.mdl;
	15) save as pfha04_new.mdl;
	16) click [Start Replacing] button;
	17) open pfha04.mdx;
	18) save as pfha04_new.mdx;
	20) copy pfha04_new.mdl and pfha04_new.mdx into override folder and rename their to  pfha04.mdl and pfha04.mdx.

Warning: Be attentive. If you mistake, then the program most likely terminate.

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