The Battle of Onderon



Revan_Malak brings us a new mod, called the 'Battle for Onderon'. This mod is part of a breed that I had thought was all but dead - the save-game edit. This time, you play as Mandalore (without helmet), Bralor, Kelborn, and a pack of Vaklu's troops as they storm the Sky Ramp and Palace in Iziz.

You are provided with a selection of weapons to choose from, a few armours and a couple of arm-bands. The author advises that the mod is tough, though playable with some cunning. All three members of your party start at level fifteen, so there is little chance of levelling up midway through, and you are given only three life support packs, and whatever you can loot from the corpses of the fallen (although again, the author tells us that this may make the mod easier than intended.)

However, when each member of your party comes with stats set to 40 across the board, and the inventory includes a set of six Mandalorian Disintegrators, the difficulty level isn't quite my idea of difficult. Furthermore, while the save-game title promises to be 'The Mandalore Wars', and the screenshots appear to show new dialogue, this is in fact a mod that can be recreated quite quickly in KSE, since it only affects the appearances of the party members, their names, and the inventory. The mod also crashed when I tried to enter the throne room, and is apparently not without bugs. Nevertheless, an amusing hack-and-slash and a diverting half-hour or so, if you can see past the flaws.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious



Here is my promised "Battle of Onderon".In it you play with Mandalore,Kelborn and Bralor alongside Vaklu's Troops.Its really fun taking over the palace but don't think I made it easy for you.Mandalore,Kelborn and Bralor are all level 15.That means you can't gain a new level so don't count on that.You have absolutely no force powers so don't count on that either.There is 1 thing you can count on.Life Support packs.You have only 3 life support packs so don't waste them.Just for fun I suggest you don't pick up remains.You won't need them if you play wisely.

Now your inventory.As I remember I put a couple of different Mandalorian armors,which you can use to protect you but you can't see them.I have equipped all three of them with Mandalorian Assault Armor.Mandalore has Ludo Kressh's armband and Mandalore's Armband.Mandalore is equipped with his repeating blaster rifle and Kelborn and Bralor are equipped with Mandalorian Heavy Repeaters.There are lots of other good weapons too.In the close combat I've put Geonosian Electro Staffs.If you don't like them,I've put the best swords I could find in the inventory.If you don't like them either I have the Gand Shock Staffs.Just because you get rewarded one after beating Bralor in the Battle Circle.I have also put LOTS of mines.So don't bother with the tower and the controls.

Now for a tricky part.When you get to Master Kavar and kill him...you can't get out of the fight.You get caught with some sort of spell which wears off but you can't get rid of it.So if you get to Kavar and kill him...just turn off the game.

These were some bugs.

Now the installation:When you open the zip,just put the folder into your "save games".Not the Zip,the folder:"000078-Game77".Now load your game and "Switch Profiles" until you reach Mandalore.The save is only one so you'll have no problem!

Editing this with "KotOR Savegame Editor" is FORBIDDEN!


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