The Elemental Weapons



You know what I’m not a big fan of? That would be the weapons BioWare designed for Knights of the Old Republic. They’re just not that cool looking, especially since some modders have designed their own weapon models and put them into the game. That really put the models BioWare made to shame. Obsidian didn’t help much because they just carried over the weapons BioWare made. Maybe Obsidian could use the excuse they didn’t have enough time to make new weapons. :p

Well, BIOShazard is back with a mod that gives you new BioWare style swords to play with. The big difference with this mod is that you can different BioWare style colors on the vibroblades they made; a total of seven different textures to play with. What I would suggest to anybody taking screenshots to advertise their mod, don’t use the Ebon Hawk. It’s too dark. In TSL, I would use places like Dantooine, Telos Restoration Zone, and the streets of Iziz on Onderon as examples of well lighted areas to show off what you’re doing.

These items can only be accessed through the cheat console. If you want to know what the codes are, just read the readme file. That is what it’s there for. I’ve been stressing this in my file reviews lately because so many people are too lazy to read it, but have no problem asking anyway in the comments and patiently waiting for a response. Anyway, enjoy the swords! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




The Elemental Weapons - Choice 1

Developer: BIOShazard/TriggerGod
Contact me at: Team Gizka Forums, Lucas Arts Forums, Canyon Workshops KOTOR Branch, Infinite Empire (search BIOShazard, then TriggerGod if first search phails)

Description: With help from 2 skinners (LordReven999 and WraithPrince) I have proceeded on with my Elementals mod. I am releasing the weapons as a seperate package, but when I complete the full mod, there will be several new things:
2 new areas to explore (The Elemental's boss' hideout, and the Red Eclipse Hideout)
A small look at Chaamakt (Red Eclipse guy who takes over your ship)
Several new weapons (Which is included in this pack)
This actual mod adds 7 new weapons. What kind of weapons, you'll have to find out. For this mod, you'll have to use the Cheat Console to add the weapons to your inventory. With the full mod, you won't need to, you'll find all the weapons when you fight the elementals.

Installation: Drop all files into your Override folder. If you do not have an override, then make one. to get items in game, use the codes:

Conflicts: There shouldn't be any conflicts unless a mod uses one of the tags/resrefs of the ones above.

Permissions: You cannot use this mod in any of your mods unless you have my strict permission to use it, and you'd need a d*** good excuse to use it.

Disclaimer: This mod is not in anyway way, shape or form endorsed by Lucas Arts or Obsidian Entertainment. If you have seen a mod that resembles mine that was made before this was released, odds are that it was a PCGM mod, which I haven't seen many of, or it was made for someone's personal use, and in that case, I don't know how the fork that happened XD
If you injure yourself by using this mod, or you somehow screw up your computer by using this mod, its on your head.

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