The Exile's Robe

This mod adds a new robe to the game for (you'll never guess who!) the exile. The skin is fairly simple, being basically the default Jedi ro...


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This mod adds a new robe to the game for (you'll never guess who!) the exile. The skin is fairly simple, being basically the default Jedi robe skin with the brown turned into dark gray, but it looks all right. Ellimar also included a custom icon, so props to him for extra effort. And not only that, but it was placed in-game! You can pick up the robe on Dantooine by speaking with Daraala. The new dialogue is written pretty well apart from a single grammatical error ('Jedi' not being capitalized), and is in-keeping with Daraala's attitude as well.

My two complaints are how Daraala is seemingly oblivious to the PC being a Jedi (asking for robes is something a giveaway), and how there's not really any explanation for how the exile's old clothes ended up in her possession. Still, good job Ellimar. New dialogue and in-game placement adds lot to even the most mundane .uti edits, and is something I think all new items should include (in-game placement that is, new dialogue isn't essential but is even more of a plus).

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon

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	The Exile's Robe
	By Ellimar

This is my first custom texture for TSL!

This mod adds the new robe "The Exile's Robe" into TSL. 

I made some improvements from my first custom robe (Ellimar's Robe for K1). First of all, this robe has a new icon. No more white block! Also, there is an actuall conversation to get the robe. You don't just get the item out of nowhere.

Instillation: Put all of the files into your override folder.
Uninstall: Take all of the folders out of your Override folder.

How to acuire: Talk to Daarila on Dantooine. Or you can use the cheat console via the giveitem cheat. The item code is "a_robe_88" without quotations.

Bugs: Only one bug. You can get the robe multiple times by using the same dialogue option. I am not a very expierienced scripter so if you could email me a solution to this problem that would be great.

Credits: Texture: Ellimar
Scripting: Ellimar
Idea: Ellimar 
Anything Else: Ellimar

Thanks: To Fred Tetra for the outstanding KotOR Tool and to jmac7142 for the amazing KotOR script generator.

Permissions: Do NOT use any of the included files in any other mod or project without MY permission.

Contact: email me at [email protected]

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